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Erin Ritchey, PA-C


Erin Ritchey, PA-C is a physician assistant in the emergency department at Dayton Children's and is part of the procedure team.

education and training

  • physician assistant school: Gannon University - Erie, PA
  • residency: University of Kentucky - physician assistant residency in neonatology
  • board certification: National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants

get to know me

I chose my specialty because...

I love working with children and emergency medicine offers a wide variety of medicine as well as clinical skills that I get to use on a daily basis.

I like working with kids because...

they are incredibly resilient. Even when they are sick or injured they have this ability to make people smile.

I chose to work at Dayton Children's because...

being part of a children's hospital is the best place to work if you want to be a part of a team providing the best care for children.

Dayton Children's is special because...

of the enthusiasm and expertise that everyone brings to the care of each patient.

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