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volunteer application

Before completing this application please note the following:

  • All volunteers are expected to volunteer a minimum of 100 hours or for a one-year period.
  • All volunteers are required to have an annual flu vaccine in order to work at Dayton Children’s. It will be provided to you free of charge. You will not be considered for a volunteer position if you are unable to complete this requirement each year.
  • High school students must follow our application process for volunteens and should not use this form. Please visit our Volunteen page for more information.
  • Once we receive your application it can take up to two weeks for you to hear from us and up to eight weeks before you may be able to start your volunteering if your application is accepted.

Please fill in this form as completely as possible. Items marked with a * are required.


home address (if college student)





emergency information

Contact #1:

Contact #2:

(Conviction of some offenses result in ineligibility to volunteer in a pediatric environment per Senate Bill 187 effective 03/01.)

All volunteers are subject to fingerprinting and background checks.

By submitting this form, I understand that I am expected to volunteer a minimum of 100 hours or for a one-year period and that I must receive a mandatory annual flu vaccine. I will uphold Dayton Children’s rules of conduct, policies and procedures. I understand that for the health and safety of our patients and staff, Dayton Children's employees and volunteers are prohibited from smoking on hospital grounds or during work shifts.

contact FAQs

The volunteer resources department is open M-F from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. They can be reached by phone at 937-641-3333 or by email.

email us

Do you have additional questions about becoming a volunteer at Dayton Children’s? Check out our frequently asked questions to see if we’ve answered it there!

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get your flu shot by Halloween

The key is to get the vaccine at least two to three weeks before the flu season begins in order to have optimal protection against it. 

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