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why choose The Craniofacial Center at Dayton Children's

From cleft lip to rare genetic disorders, our pediatric experts treat every patient with exceptional care and compassion. From medical needs to counseling, we explain your child’s condition and answer all your questions while helping you understand your treatment options and make choices that are right for your family.

our care team

The Craniofacial Center at Dayton Children's uses a multidisciplinary care approach that includes some of the world's most experienced surgeons and specialists. The involvement of multiple specialties ensures individualized care for your child's unique needs. 

Meet The Craniofacial Center team.

coordinated care

Our dedicated craniofacial patient specialist, Judy Mosher, will guide and support your family through every step of your child's care, ensuring an above and beyond experience. From a first-time visit to post-surgery questions or a second opinion, she is happy to assist your family.

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"Judy has a lifetime of perspective and knowledge that is valuable to our patients. She offers an honest and critical perspective and does not hesitate to share everything she knows: the good, the bad and the ugly. The candor is what makes her opinion so respected. Our families praise her as one of the best parts of their Dayton Children's experience. We are very lucky to have her." - Dr. Gordon

Interested in learning more about what The Craniofacial Center at Dayton Children's can offer your family? Schedule a 30-60 minute virtual consultation with our craniofacial patient specialist to discuss options for care.

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going the distance

Dayton Children’s not only provides craniofacial care for children in the United States but internationally, as well. We have the knowledge to work with global embassies to provide world-class care.

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Our craniofacial patient specialist is here to make your experience exceptional. From a first-time visit to post-surgery questions or a second opinion, she can assist your family with any health care needs. Call 937-641-4755 or email using the button below.

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