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Mental health challenges can feel so isolating and lonely, and yet we know more kids than ever are experiencing mental health issues. We hope to build support and community for families by sharing the stories of our patients and their families. If you’ve had an experience with Dayton Children’s behavioral health team, we’d love to hear from you and share your story!  

 You can share your story at any of these levels: 

  • Anonymously: You will be interviewed by marketing and your story will be shared on social media and the website, but no name or photo will be shared with your story. 
  • Patient story: You will be interviewed by marketing, and your story, name and photo will be shared on social media and our website. 
  • Ambassador: The highest level of participation. 
    • Families interested in this level of participation will go through an interview process with representatives from the behavioral health team, marketing and the foundation.  
    • If selected, you will be interviewed by the marketing team, and your story, name and photo will be shared on social media and the website.  
    • Ambassador candidates should also be comfortable: 
      • Sharing with news media 
      • Attending events (fundraising or legislative) to share your story 
      • Having photos taken (at events and for the website/social media) 
    • Ideally, you can participate as an ambassador for one year.  
  • Parent/patient partner: Share about your experience with Dayton Children's to improve patient and family experience. You could review materials, attend monthly meetings or support families going through similar experiences. Your level of participation can vary here, too. 

Please fill out the form below and a member of our marketing team will reach out with next steps. Thank you for sharing with us! 

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