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community teaching kitchen

We know that kids’ food choices can affect their health, both now and in the future. That's why we offer cooking classes at Dayton Children's Connor Child Health Pavilion in our brand new teaching kitchen for kids and adults of all ages. From topics such as picky eating for young kids all the way to nutrition for the student athlete, our interactive classes have something for everyone!

These 60-90 minute cooking classes offer time to build the necessary skills to prepare healthy, cost friendly recipes while working through nutrition related content. Our educational classes offer hands-on cooking experiences in a positive environment that will help build lifelong cooking skills. We also provide a focus on families and cover a variety of topics that support a healthy lifestyle. Classes include topics such as:

• Added sugar
• Reducing fat in the diet
• Picky eating
• Constipation
• Healthy breakfast
• Meals on a budget
• Appropriate feeding behaviors
• Heart healthy meals
• Basic cooking skills

Interested in a professional team-building experience or a field trip for your class?

At Dayton Children’s community teaching kitchen, we are here to help your kiddos of all ages grow into adults who can help prepare their own meals and become independent. The cooking classes will help your child understand what a balanced healthy meal is, how to help prepare meals and how to make good nutrition decisions as they grow older. 

The community teaching kitchen has: 

  • Eight different, themed cooking classes, from picky eating to reduced fat!
  • Up to 10 participants a class. 
  • Special recipes for people with allergies and food aversions.

Classes are available to book between 2 pm and 5 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There is a limit of one cooking class per family, per month in order to ensure that as many families can participate as possible! Click the link to schedule online today!

Click here to read and sign the Participation Waiver and Release Form. For best results, please sign before you begin your class. Email finished and signed waivers to

If you would like to book a cooking class outside of the booking hours, please email to schedule.