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kinship navigator program

The kinship navigator program, in partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services, aims to empower and stabilize kinship families so children in kinship care can thrive.

Through positive interactions and programming, the kinship navigator program assists caregiving families to find and develop stable and consistent relationships with relative or non-relative children they are caring for within their homes. Kinship relationships are important because they provide children with the support they need to stay healthy, maintain relationships and grow in a supportive environment.

How we can help: 

Our community health workers support kinship families by helping them navigate safety net systems, connect to resources and complete benefit forms for county, state, and local agencies. 

Our team…

  • Listens for areas of individual family concerns
  • Helps to get answers to your questions
  • Connects caregivers to resources through referral and guidance
  • Empowers families to become more resilient
  • Builds stronger trust bonds between family members

Special program links are used to find each individual family the types of supports they need for basic health and wellness. Social and emotional needs are assessed for appropriate assistance to increase overall wellbeing. 

Depending on the needs of each kinship family, additional supports for the caregivers include assessments and referrals to local agencies to address:

  • Child Care
  • Court form completion
  • Employment
  • Finances
  • Food / Nutrition
  • Health
  • Social Support
  • Training / Education
  • Transportation

contact us

If you have additional questions about the our kinship navigator program please call us at 937-641-5090