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services and programs

Our fellowship-trained pediatric cardiologists provide comprehensive cardiology care for children with a congenital or acquired heart condition, and lifelong care for adults who have a congenital heart disease. In addition to our general clinic, we offer:

  • A preventive cardiology clinic to help children avoid heart disease in the future
  • A specialty clinic for adults with congenital heart disease
  • Support and education for teens who are learning how to take more responsibility for their health as they transition to the adult care world
  • Care and consultation for families whose unborn baby has a congenital heart condition
  • Advanced tests such as echocardiography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Many of these are available right in the clinic.
  • Comprehensive care for patients who are hospitalized and experiencing heart problems

Dayton Children’s does not have a heart surgery or cardiac catheterization program. When patients need these advanced services, our team will provide referrals and work with the other specialists involved to ensure continuity of care. After surgery or a cardiac catheterization procedure, patients can return to our clinic for their ongoing cardiology care needs.

virtual care

Video visits at Dayton Children's provide you and your child a convenient, hassle-free environment for your appointment. Video visits are just like an office visit, only from the comfort of your home! Using video conferencing technology (similar to FaceTime or Google Meet) allow you to have an appointment from your mobile device or personal computer without the need to commute. If your child has an upcoming appointment, ask if a video visit is an option for care. Call 937-641-3000. Learn more about video visits.

preventive cardiology clinic

When children carry excess weight for their height, they may be at risk for developing health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol (lipid) abnormalities. Our preventive cardiology clinic helps these children avoid serious heart problems by identifying the early warning signs of heart disease in children. Our friendly team helps provides variety of services, including:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of heart function
  • Supportive education for healthy eating and weight management
  • Information and support to improve the fitness level in a variety of ways
  • Medications to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Referrals for lab tests to help evaluate heart disease risk
  • Referrals to other specialty programs at Dayton Children’s that can provide additional support, such as the lipid clinic, nephrology department and pediatric sleep center

adult congenital heart defect clinic

Thanks to major advances in medical and surgical care, most children who are born with a congenital heart defect are living into adulthood. As adults, they need to remain under the expert care of cardiology specialists who have expertise in treating patients with congenital heart defects. That is why Dayton Children’s has partnered with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, whose Columbus Ohio Adult Congenital Heart Disease (COACH) Program meets the unique needs of this patient population. Learn more

syncope care

Syncope is a partial or complete loss of consciousness, otherwise known as fainting. Children who experience syncope are often diagnosed with POTS, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Our pediatric cardiologists can help confirm a diagnosis of POTS or determine whether another condition is to blame, then establish a treatment plan to prevent syncope.

chest pain care

Chest pain is rarely a sign of serious trouble in children, but it can prevent them from participating in sports and other activities. The cause can be something as simple as a pulled muscle, or exercise-induced asthma. In rare cases, it may be something more serious. Our pediatric cardiologists are dedicated to providing a rapid diagnosis to help put parents’ minds at ease and get kids back to the activities they enjoy.

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