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Occupational therapy practitioners work with children, youth, and their families, caregivers, and teachers to promote active participation in activities or occupations that are meaningful to them. Occupational therapy practitioners work with children of all ages and abilities through the habilitation and rehabilitation process. Recommended interventions are based on a thorough understanding of typical development, the environments in which children engage (e.g., home, school, playground) and the impact of disability, illness, and impairment on the individual child’s development, play, learning, and overall occupational performance.

Occupational therapy practitioners collaborate with parents/caregivers and other professionals to identify and meet the needs of children experiencing delays or challenges in development; identifying and modifying or compensating for barriers that interfere with, restrict, or inhibit functional performance; teaching and modeling skills and strategies to children, their families, and other adults in their environments to extend therapeutic intervention to all aspects of daily life tasks; and adapting activities, materials, and environmental conditions so children can participate under different conditions and in various settings (e.g., home, school, sports, community programs).

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The occupational therapy department welcomes phone calls to 937- 641-3070 during our normal business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

A physician referral is necessary prior to the child’s first outpatient visit. All follow up appointments will be made during your clinic visit or by calling central scheduling at 937-641-4000.