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NICU transport

Since 1981, our mobile intensive care transport program has provided expert, specialized care needed to safely and rapidly transport critically-ill infants by ground. We have easy highway access from all points of the region to Dayton Children’s. The average response time from dispatch to departure is 15 minutes. The team transports more than 500 critically-ill newborns every year and maintains an excellent safety record.

During transport to Dayton Children’s, a highly skilled NICU nurse and respiratory therapist work together to closely monitor your baby and provide treatment along the way. This team is in frequent contact with a neonatologist through-out the transport process to ensure the highest-quality patient care. The service is staffed 24/7. Our dedicated team of neonatologists and staff are available to attend high-risk births and transport infants that are premature or born with complications. In collaboration with Miami Valley Hospital, air transport is also available upon request.

At the time of transport parents will be given a code in order to call and check on their infant in our NICU. Grandparents will also be given a card that says “I’m a grandparent” to show at the NICU entrance.

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Parents can call the NICU any time for updates on their baby’s condition. When parents call, they will be asked for a code they were given at transport or admittance to the unit. Parents should identify themselves by this code whenever they call the NICU. 937-641-3040.