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salary and benefits

resident salary and benefits


  • R1: $65,260
  • R2: $68,260
  • R3: $71,360


  • Three weeks (21 working days) annually
  • Five-day holiday break at Christmas or New Years

study week

Five days off for conference attendance or as a dedicated study week each year

academic fund

Civilian residents have an allowance up to $750.00 (R1-R2-R3). Unused funds cannot be forwarded in the new academic year. Some uses are: professional meetings, medical books, medical software, Step 3 study aids, and stethoscope. Military residents will receive academic funds.


  • Lunch is provided during resident didactics
  • Each resident is also allocated a meal allowance

educational resources

  • Paid membership to the American Academy of Pediatrics with subscription to PREP
  • Paid subscription to PedsRap podcast
  • Copy of Harriet-Lane Pediatric handbook


  • Professional liability ($1M per occurrence/$3M aggregate) while at Dayton Children’s, MVH
  • Federal tort claims while at WPAFB
  • Medical/dental/vision insurance available for civilian residents
  • TriCare health benefits for military
  • Long-term disability for civilian life insurance for civilian

faculty appointment

Residents are appointed as junior resident instructors in the Boonshoft School of Medicine. This entitles the resident to a number of faculty privileges at the university, including use of the library and athletic facilities as well as faculty discount for software downloads and at the University bookstore.


  • Free parking
  • One white coat + one item of Dayton Children’s logowear or two items of Dayton Children’s logowear. All include optional free name embroidery
  • On-site daycare center

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