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canine co-pilots – facility dog program


In 2021, Dayton Children’s Hospital welcomed two new furry, four-legged friends - Millie and Peppermint - with the start of our brand-new program called canine co-pilots. In May 2022, we expanded our program with the addition of our newest facility dog, Addie. Facility dogs in canine co-pilot program are just one of the tools that our hospital staff will use to help provide support for kids receiving care at Dayton Children’s.

Our facility dogs are different than therapy dogs and are trained specifically by 4 Paws for Ability, a local organization in Xenia, for medical procedures and situations, more like a member of the care team. Our facility dogs will work with child life to help calm patients during certain procedures, encourage kids to get up and move around even when they're feeling sick, comfort kids who have experienced trauma, and more.

Without the help of generous donors, the canine co-pilots program would not exist. Gifts go towards the costs of the facility dog’s extensive training, food, regular grooming and vet visits.

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Your support will allow us to improve the patient and family experience one paw at a time! Please consider donating today!  


Check out our furry friends and see what they do at Dayton Children's Hospital.