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We are honored to enlist the talents of many diverse individuals in our mission to improve the lives of children with brain tumors.

Our team is composed of biologists, physicians, physicists, and mathematicians, ranging from MD or PhD level to high school. Volunteers too young to work in our laboratory have developed projects in augmented reality presentations, web design, and a study of social media trends involving brain tumors.

ways to get involved

We believe that everyone brings something to the table.

  • Elementary School Students:
    • Elementary school children can create art that can promote brain tumor research or become cards and gifts for our patients.
  • Middle and High School Students:
    • Middle and high school students can design school science fair projects or mentor younger students to promote brain tumor awareness.
    • High school students can organize volunteer activities, work on in silico experiments, smartphone applications, or web-based projects.
  • Undergraduate Students:
    • Qualified undergraduate students may participate in independent study projects leading to laboratory experiments and honors projects at Wright State University.
  • Medical Students:
    • Clinical projects at Dayton Children’s Hospital are available to medical students.

Currently, we are specifically seeking expertise in:

  • Clinical data entry
  • CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing
  • Python programming language for machine learning
  • Image analysis and automated segmentation
  • Bioinformatics
  • Scientific and medical illustration
  • Augmented reality presentations
  • Community organizations and fundraising
  • School outreach, teaching, and student mentorship
  • Making the world a better place

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