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Dayton Children's Health Partners

Dayton Children's Hospital formed a unique collaboration with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Ohio and more than 50 Miami Valley primary care pediatricians to allow better information flow to doctors, more powerful data analysis and reimbursement models that reward delivery of high quality care to patients.

The clinically integrated network, called Dayton Children's Health Partners is the first of its kind in the Dayton region and the first in the state for a pediatric population, including collaboration with specialists. Anthem collaborates with the groups to identify population health improvement opportunities such as increasing preventive care metrics and helping patients select appropriate care settings. Armed with actionable data analytics and aligned value-based reimbursement models, participating pediatricians will be better equipped to deliver optimal care to their patients.

what is a clinically integrated network?

A clinically integrated network is a collaboration between a hospital system and independent providers to improve patient outcomes at a community level. Dayton Children's and community providers are creating a clinically integrated network to help strengthen free-standing pediatrics in the health care environment.

why did Dayton Children's and community providers decide to create a clinically integrated network?

For an independent pediatric community to remain strong, both Dayton Children's and independent practices need to remain viable. Dayton Children's and many of it's community-based colleagues want to avoid fragmentation for our kids. Physicians who focus on kids, in collaboration with a hospital system that focuses only on kids, produce better pediatric outcomes. The network will assess the needs of the community for both providers and patients and work to meet those needs through the creation of programs and service offerings.

who is in the network?

The physician-led clinically integrated network includes a wide spectrum of pediatricians-primary care and specialists-in the Dayton area. The network is a separately incorporated subsidiary of Dayton Children's, led by a community physician-driven board of directors.

why should my practice join the network?

The network was established to enhance the quality of care for our kids. It also offers independent physicians strategic benefits in several areas: access to Dayton Children's nationally recognized resources and expertise; the opportunity to negotiate for performance value; and information technology support to facilitate efficient data sharing. Once the network achieves efficiencies through clinical integration, its members may jointly negotiate with payers together with Dayton Children's.

contact us

If you have additional questions about Dayton Children's Health Partners or are intersted in joining the network, please contact Kim Grant by email.