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extensive programs and services for children with developmental disabilities

At Dayton Children’s, we are committed to providing extensive support and care for children who have developmental disabilities. Our team of pediatric specialists includes developmental pediatricians, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses and a social worker. We work closely with other providers at Dayton Children’s and beyond to create a comprehensive treatment plan that meets your child’s specific needs. Learn about how to make an appointment

Meet our team

what services do we offer?

Developmental pediatrics at Dayton Children’s offers:

what services don’t we offer?

Our team does not provide the following services, but we are happy to recommend other providers/services who may be able to help:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Therapy for mental health issues
    • Academic testing/dyslexia testing
  • Comprehensive evaluations for children age five and older who have not been diagnosed with a developmental delay
  • Second opinions for children who have already undergone full evaluations at other institutions

additional resources

Children with medical handicaps program

Many of our families receive benefits from the Children with Medical Handicaps Program (CMH), a health care program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Health. CMH links families of children with special health care needs to a network of quality providers, and provides financial assistance for qualified families.


Guardianship is an important consideration for parents of children who have special needs. Guardianship allows you to make decisions on your child’s behalf once they turn 18. To learn more, visit the publications page of the Ohio Attorney General’s website. Click on “Guardianship Guide” for a free download.

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For more information about the developmental pediatrics program at Dayton Children’s, please call 937-641-4073. Appointments are available with a physician referral.

Does your patient need to see a developmental pediatrician? Begin the referral process today.   

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