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what is a vascular anomaly?

Vascular birthmarks and vascular anomalies are a grouping of abnormal blood vessels in the body. The cause of these lesions is unknown. They can occur on the top of the skin, deep inside the skin, or both. Some vascular anomalies, such as hemangiomas, can grow rapidly during the first few months of life, whereas others grow as the child grows. Vascular anomalies can cause problems with a child’s appearance, as well as interfere with bodily functions. Some vascular anomalies can be associated with disorders of other organ systems.

how is it diagnosed?

Our vascular anomalies clinic is comprised of experienced specialists that work together to establish an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan. Our multidisciplinary team includes pediatric ENT specialists and a hematologist/oncologist, along with members of our plastic surgery and interventional radiology teams. Your child’s first visit to this clinic will include a thorough evaluation and may recommend additional testing, such as magnetic resonance imaging or blood tests.

how is a vascular anomaly treated?

After diagnosing your child’s condition, the team will develop a comprehensive care plan and discuss it with you. This plan may include surgery, laser therapy, interventional radiology, or medication, although the care team may also recommend simply watching your child’s malformation over time to see if treatment is necessary.

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