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Jon Woltmann, MD


hepatitis c, surgical site infections


Jon Woltmann, MD, is a pediatrician at Dayton Children's specializing in infectious diseases.

education and training

  • medical school: Northeastern Ohio Medical University
  • internship: Children's Hospital of King's Daughters
  • residency: Children's Hospital of King's Daughters - Pediatrics
  • fellowship: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • board certification: Certified in Pediatrics, eligible for Pediatric Infectious Disease

get to know me

I chose my specialty because...

I love helping children recover from their illnesses and helping their parents understand what has happened and empowering them to care for their child.

I like working with kids because...

there is nothing quite like seeing a child get better.

I chose to work at Dayton Children's because...

it provides me with the opportunity to serve the community of Dayton and help train the next generation of physicians.

Dayton Children's is special because...

it is a fantastic institution dedicated to providing excellent pediatric care to the city of Dayton and surrounding communities.

ratings and reviews

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Very kind and generous and they listen to everything you need to tell them and they answer every answer you ask but if they don't know they most definitely find someone that can answer it for you thank you so much for your service

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Have been with Dayton Children ID for over 15 years. Have never had a bad experience.

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Thank you

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After spending thousands of dollars (we have no health insurance) on trying to find a cause or treatment options, multiple doctors and er visits the ER dr said that we have exhausted all resources and the best option would be to go here. After waiting weeks to get in, took off work, took her out of school the very first thing the dr says when he walks in is I'm not sure where your here there's nothing we can do for you. He tells me warm compresses which i already assured him multiple times along with 1719279373 things we do for them we already do. So it was a complete waste of time and now hundreds of dollars later money. What really aggravated me was he said i always like to look at my patients charts before i see them and when i looked at her chart yesterday i immediately knew there was nothing we could do for her this is out of my expertise. So WHY DIDNT i get a call saying that? Instead i felt as though money was more important than the care of my child. STOP REFERRING PEOPLE IF YOUR DR ISN'T CAPABLE OF SEEING PATIENTS FOR CERTAIN THINGS THEN STOP WORRYING ABOUT GETTING MONEY INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY HELPING THEM. It was an absolute complete waste.

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