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specialists in exceptional care and unwavering compassion

At Dayton Children’s we’re all specialists. Some of us specialize in cures for cancer or broken bones. Others in bubble therapy or friendly hellos. But at the end of the day, we all share one very important specialty… kids.

We’re your community pediatric experts, ready to provide the right care, right here, for those you love most. We are your partner in helping children lead healthy lives, making them feel better when they’re sick or hurt, and making sure that life’s obstacles don’t stop them from experiencing the joy of being a kid.

We’re all specialists in what we do for kids and we will always look for ways to go above and beyond in making sure your child is taken care of.

At Dayton Children’s we know you are giving us your world.

We can do nothing but give you our best.


Every year we see over 300,000 patient visits giving us 300,000 reasons to go above and beyond every day in providing the best care for kids. 

a legacy of caring

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