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welcome to video visits

Video visits at Dayton Children's provide you and your child a convenient, hassle-free environment for your child's provider visit. If you or your child has an appointment in one of our participating specialties, ask if a video visit is an option for care.

how it works 

Video visits are just like an office visit, only from the comfort of your home! Using video conferencing technology (similar to FaceTime or Google Meet) allows you to have an appointment from your mobile device or personal computer without the need to commute. Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions about your upcoming video visit. 

This video will walk you through everything you need to know for getting started. Adding video visits at Dayton Children's Hospital is one way we are taking your care above and beyond!


scheduling a video visit 

Video visits are currently available for some specialties. When scheduling a video visit, you will be enrolled in MyKidsChart, our patient portal and mobile application. Through MyKidsChart you will be able to connect to your video visit, send messages to your care team, get your lab results, read your after visit summary, schedule appointments and more.

You don't have to wait to sign up for MyKidsChart, click here to sign up for an account

For video visits for minor conditions schedule an appointment with Dayton Children's Kids Express. Schedule a Kids Express video visit now


set up for a video visit 

You can have a video visit on any mobile smartphone or tablet such as an iPhone, Android or iPad. If you prefer, you can also use a laptop or PC that has an internet connection and a built-in or attached camera and a speaker/ microphone. For a great video visit experience, follow these instructions:

download the MyKidsChart mobile app (Apple, Google Play) and log in to your Dayton Children’s account. If you forgot your password or need help setting up an account, visit our help page or call our help desk at (877) 355-3155.

download the Zoom mobile app (Apple, Google Play). Depending on your device, the app will ask for audio and camera permissions during installation or the first time you open the app. Make sure you grant the app the permissions it needs. If using a PC, visit to download Zoom. 

​ test your connection (optional but highly suggested) - Once the app is installed, visit and check your connection. This page is for testing your device only. 

eCheck-In (up to 7 days in advance) -  Checking in to your appointment in advance will save you time. When you eCheck-in, we will confirm your insurance and general information. Here's how you do it:

  1. Log-in to your MyKidsChart account
  2. Select your child 
  3. Go to "appointments"
  4. Choose your upcoming visit and tap\click the "eCheck-in" button
  5. Follow the instructions on the page 

If you need any assistance during the check-in process, call your help desk at (877) 355-3155.


on the day of your video visit 

When it’s time for your video visit, follow the below tips for a successful video visit. 

prepare your area-

·        Rooms should be quiet and private, well lit, with limited distractions, and with a good internet connection.

·        With young children, you may wish to close the door to the area to keep them from running off.

·        If you have an older child, the doctor may wish to talk to your teen alone, so please have privacy and limited distractions available as needed.

prepare your child-

·        Share with your child ahead of time that the doctor will be talking to you both on the computer/tablet/phone for the appointment today.

·        Engaging a young child for an at home video visit may be challenging. Consider having some quiet activities (coloring, books) available to your child as you would for any clinic visit to help them stay focused.

·        Consider offering your child a small reward (like a sticker) for a great video session as often occurs in the real world.

·        For highly active children or those with special needs, allow them to move about the area, and call them back as needed if the doctor needs to see them, rather than trying to force them to remain seated.

prepare yourself-

·        Consider listing questions, concerns, medications, ahead of time to ensure efficient care.

·        Provide feedback! Please share with your provider any concerns, technical issues or positive feelings about your child’s video visit.

On your device, complete the following steps:

  1. Log-in to your MyKidsChart 
  2. Select your child’s name
  3. Tap on “appointments” and select the button that says “Begin video visit”

After selecting the button, your device will launch the Zoom app, starting the appointment. You will be able to join the appointment 15 minutes prior and up to 15 minutes after your scheduled time.

At your scheduled time, a member of our care team will connect to the video call and guide you through the rest of the appointment.


troubleshooting and help

Step-by-step instructions

Follow this user guide to get step-by-step instructions Video Visit User Guide

Assistance with downloading and accessing MyKidsChart

Apple App Store download link (for iPhone and iPad devices)
Google Play download link (for Android based phones and tablets)
Forgot your MyKidsChart password? Click here

For further assistance with accessing MyKidsChart, call our help desk at (877) 355-3155.

Assistance with re-scheduling or canceling a video visit

If for any reason you wish to re-schedule, cancel or alter your video visit appointment, call our scheduling team at (937) 641-3000.

Assistance with connecting to the video visit

Our technical support team is here for any questions, concerns or issues you may have while connecting to your video visit. Call (877) 355-3155.


after your visit

Your after visit summary will be available on MyKidsChart where you can also message your care team with any questions, schedule additional appointments, fill prescriptions and more.


frequently asked questions

What is a video visit?

A video visit at Dayton Children's is a convenient and innovative way to have your child's appointment using your computer or a mobile device. Read more on how it works.

How do I schedule a video visit?

Video visits are available for some clinics. Ask your provider if video visits are available for your child. 

How is a video visit different than a regular visit?

Video visits work exactly like your in-person appointment, only from the comfort of your home.

How do I cancel\reschedule a video visit?

If for any reason you wish to re-schedule, cancel or alter your video visit appointment, call our scheduling team at (937) 641-3000.

I've heard that there are issues with privacy in video calls right now. Would my video visit with Dayton Children’s be safe? 

Yes. Here are some ways that we ensure video visits are confidential and safe for our families and staff: 

  • Most of the concerns have been with a free version of Zoom, which allows for public meetings without passwords. We do not use that version.  

  • All of our video visits are given a unique meeting ID and password, and that information only goes to participants on the invitation.  

  • Our care team monitors who joins the call, so only those who should be included are admitted in.  

  • Our video visits are not recorded, allowing you to speak with your care team in a confidential and private environment.  

Our team is continuing to monitor any issues, and is adjusting our policy as needed to ensure that your video visit is safe and confidential. 

What if I have additional questions?

We are here for any question or concern you may have. Click here to send us a message.