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preparing for your physical therapy visit

review the following to get ready for your visit

For all visits to occupational therapy please wear comfortable and loose clothing and bring:

  • Your insurance information
  • Any brace or orthotics you are using
  • Shoes
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aides
  • Any required forms from your school
  • Names and contact information for anyone else you would like us to include in the care plan. These may include doctors or school officials.

before your visit

The pediatric physical therapy department at Dayton Children's specializes in evaluating and treating problems related to mobility, strength, coordination, gait, balance, flexibility, pain and developmental concerns, such as sitting, crawling and walking. Therapists in our department use observation of movement and standardized tests to determine the level of function in these areas.

Our staff is committed only to pediatric care making us experts in caring for your child. Pediatric physical therapists hold a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree and are licensed by the state of Ohio. Our pediatric physical therapists complete continuing education in pediatrics in order to stay on top of the latest treatment methods and develop the best treatment strategies for our patients.

during your first visit

The first visit to physical therapy is typically an evaluation. During this visit the parent (or guardian) will be asked questions such as:

  • What concerns are you having about your child?
  • When did your child meet their developmental milestones (roll, walk, talk etc…)?
  • Where does your child spend most of his or her time?
  • What are your expectations or goals for physical therapy?

The therapist will then spend some time watching your child move using age appropriate toys and activities. For younger children and infants the therapist will use play as motivation.

Once the initial evaluation is complete, the therapist will talk to you about your child’s strengths and areas for improvement including whether your child would benefit from physical therapy services. If physical therapy is required, an individualized treatment plan will be developed with your child’s lifestyle goals in mind. You will also be given activities that you can do at home with your child. Working consistently with your child on this home program will help your child make the most progress.

contact us request an appointment

The physical therapy department welcomes phone calls to 937- 641-3070 during our normal business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

A physician referral is necessary prior to the child’s first outpatient evaluation visit. All follow up appointments will be made during your clinic visit or by calling rehab scheduling at the location where you wish to be seen.