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Every high-risk pregnancy is unique. That’s why our team of experts designs a plan that’s specific to your needs after a referral from your obstetrician or maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

Care plans typically follow this process:



We know this process may sound complex and overwhelming, but rest assured we will be by your side. Coordinating care from a fetal diagnosis through newborn care provides our team – including you – with the most comprehensive look at your unique high-risk pregnancy. Along the way, we invite you to ask questions and share your concerns so that you feel empowered and supported during this challenging time.


1. What does a fetal complication or diagnosis mean for me, my child, and the rest of my pregnancy?

When a pregnant mother first learns that her unborn baby has been diagnosed with a medical condition, feelings become overwhelming and quickly these emotions transition to questions of how this disease will affect my baby’s life?

Most birth conditions are not preventable. We encourage families to let go of the guilt surrounding the diagnosis. Instead, channel your energy into learning about the baby’s condition and the treatments that are available.

To learn more about fetal conditions, click here

2. When are abnormalities typically detected during pregnancy?

Within the fifth month of pregnancy (at 20 weeks of gestation), women typically have an ultrasound that serves several purposes. It is at this point that the doctor looks for abnormalities in blood flow, organ, and bone development. Diagnosis is typically either be made through ultrasound or through prenatal genetic testing.

3. If there are any sort of abnormalities detected by my OBGYN/midwife, what are my next steps?

After the diagnosis is made by your OBGYN or maternal-fetal medicine specialist, the next step is to find a comprehensive fetal care center, that can provide better insight into the severity of the diagnosis and manage care from pregnancy to birth and beyond. Whether you need additional diagnostic studies, more counseling or specialized care our nurse navigator is with you every step of the way. And most of the time, your OBGYN will remain part of the team and will be able to deliver your baby as planned.

4. Why is it important to find the right fit?

As a response to care fragmentation during this critical time for mothers and their unborn babies, our goal is to put a mother’s mind at ease during this overwhelming process while optimizing the outcome for both her and her baby.

  • Coordinated care: We have combined the expertise of the region’s leaders in maternal-fetal care, high-risk obstetrics, neonatology, neonatal surgery, and pediatric subspecialties to provide coordinated care for mothers facing a high-risk pregnancy or fetal anomaly.
  • Nationally-recognized: Our team is nationally-recognized for their work in advancing care for both mothers and babies and our continued collaboration continues to raise the quality of care available in our region.
  • Prepared for all possibilities: We have the capability to diagnose, intervene and treat a wide variety of fetal conditions using leading technology and procedures. Our expertise means we can be prepared for all possibilities that may arise during your journey.
  • Unique care plans: Our expertise and experience, along with input from a referring physician, will guide the creation of an individualized care plan based on the needs of each mother and her baby referred to the center. This unique plan may include diagnostic tests such as ultrasound, fetal MRI and genetic testing, innovative procedures and interventions, and advanced labor and delivery and newborn intensive care services all available in our region.
  • Pediatric specialists: We offer a full complement of pediatric specialists capable of treating your child from diagnosis to treatment to follow-up, giving you peace of mind in knowing who is caring for your baby. Most of our providers offer prenatal consults including video visits to discuss the specific plan or care for your baby. This can often help relieve anxiety about what is going to happen after delivery.
  • Nurse navigator: We have a specialized nurse navigator who will guide a mother through the pregnancy assisting with all of the subspecialty appointments and tours needed at Dayton Children’s and other area hospitals. In addition, she will provide emotional support, educational materials, and be the first line contact for the families for all of their needs, and in rare cases, assist the family through the perinatal hospice path. The nurse navigator will communicate throughout the pregnancy with the referring physician.

Our collaborative team is focused on delivering the high-quality care you deserve and expect.

 5. How can I find out if my care will be covered by insurance?
Our nurse navigator will connect you with staff members who can answer any concerns you may have and assist with any issues about your insurance coverage and payment options. You can also contact our billing department anytime

6. Who do I call if I have questions?
Questions will come up and our nurse navigator is always available to help or answer your question or you can fill out this form.

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Do you have questions about your pregnancy and wonder if our services could be of assistance? Patients may contact our nurse navigator through the button below or at 937-641-3708.  

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