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parent resources

We understand the challenges of breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Please find the below resources to help you and your family along the way. 


    breastfeeding support resources

    video resources

    If you are using a breast pump at Dayton Children's, use this link for instructions on using the Medela Symphony Breast Pump located in any of our lactation rooms. 

    • How to start the Medela Symphony PLUS Maintain program can be viewed here

    Global Health Media Breastfeeding Support/Video's (available in 45 languages from Arabic-Vietnamese)

    • Attach your baby at the breast                  
    • How to express breastmilk
    • Is your baby getting enough milk?           
    • Breastfeeding in the first hours

    Getting Started with Breastfeeding Videos - Standford Medicine

    • Breastfeeding in the first hour
    • Maximizing milk production
    • Hand expressing breastmilk

    get your flu shot by Halloween

    The key is to get the vaccine at least two to three weeks before the flu season begins in order to have optimal protection against it. 

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