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programs and services

comprehensive programs and services for conditions of the ear, nose and throat

Dr. Ravi Elluru pediatric ENT at Dayton Children's Hospital

Our pediatric ENT specialists provide comprehensive surgical care and outpatient clinics for children with conditions of the ear, nose and throat, from the common to the complex. In the past, children and families may have had to drive over an hour to receive the specialty ENT care and diagnostic testing now available at Dayton Children’s.

pediatric ENT clinics

Our clinics and multidisciplinary programs provide specialty care for the full spectrum of ear, nose and throat disorders. Learn what to expect at your child’s clinic visit.

pediatric ear, nose and throat clinic 

Our pediatric ENT team diagnoses and treats common childhood conditions — such as chronic tonsillitis and chronic ear infections — as well as more complex conditions, such as deformities of the nose or tumors of the head and neck. They also specialize in providing ongoing care for children with airway conditions, particularly those who have a tracheostomy. These conditions can include stenosis of the larynx and subglottic region, bronchomalacia, laryngomalacia, stridor and many others.

hearing loss clinic

Dayton Children’s offers comprehensive specialty care for children with permanent hearing loss.

Pediatric ENT specialist Dr. Ankur Patel established the Hearing Loss Clinic at Dayton Children’s. He works with specialists including pediatric audiologistsdevelopmental pediatrics specialists and speech/language pathologists to offer patients a comprehensive approach to hearing loss. Together, they offer:

  • Complete evaluation and care for hearing loss
  • Referrals to other pediatric specialists who can offer additional care, including neurologists, pulmonologists, endocrinologists, psychologists and others
  • Referrals for comprehensive testing, including imaging tests, auditory brainstem response testing and speech-language evaluations
  • Cochlear implants
  • Bone-anchored hearing aids
  • Support to help parents decide how they want to communicate with their child, whether using American Sign Language, cued speech, etc.
  • Supportive resources for families and children
  • Consultations with the child’s classroom teachers to help address the child’s academic needs
  • Genetic testing for families who child has sensorineural hearing loss, if appropriate. This can help determine whether the child’s hearing loss is associated with inherited genetic factors—factors that may be present in siblings or other family members.

Our community offers extensive resources for children with hearing loss. Search our online database of helpful community resources.

vascular anomalies clinic 

The vascular anomalies clinic at Dayton Children’s Hospital is comprised of specialists from hematology/oncology, ENT, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery and interventional radiology.

Our comprehensive team has expertise in the diagnosis, management and treatment of vascular anomalies, including hemangiomas and vascular tumors. Learn more

virtual care

Video visits at Dayton Children's provide you and your child a convenient, hassle-free environment for your appointment. Video visits are just like an office visit, only from the comfort of your home! Using video conferencing technology (similar to FaceTime or Google Meet) allows you to have an appointment from your mobile device or personal computer without the need to commute.

Almost every ENT condition can benefit from a video visit. If your child has an upcoming appointment, ask if a video visit is an option for care. Call 937-641-3000 Learn more about video visits 

multidisciplinary programs

Children with complex medical needs require care from many specialists who can work together in a coordinated way. Our pediatric ENT specialists participate in specialized programs for children with cleft lip/palate, aerodigestive disorders and vascular anomalies. Some appointments take place in the ENT clinic, and others in different clinics at Dayton Children’s.

cleft lip/cleft palate program

Dayton Children’s offers a comprehensive cleft lip/cleft palate program, with a team that includes developmental pediatricians, plastic surgeons, an oral surgeon, orthodontist, speech-language pathologist and others. Together, they provide a detailed diagnosis, a comprehensive treatment plan and extensive support every step of the way.

Our pediatric ENT specialists evaluate children who require surgery for cleft/lip palate, perform surgical repairs and provide follow-up care. Other surgeons may be involved in a child’s care, depending on the nature of the repair. Learn more about the Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate Program at Dayton Children’s

aerodigestive disorders clinic

Dayton Children’s is designed for chronically ill children with disorders of the upper airway, lungs and upper digestive tract, including sleep and feeding problems.

Pediatric ENT specialists are part of the dedicated team that cares for children with these conditions. During your child’s initial evaluation, he or she may be seen by multiple specialists, including a pediatric otolaryngologist, a pulmonologist, and gastroenterologist. After evaluating your child’s condition, the physicians meet to discuss his or her overall health, medical concerns and what kind of therapy is needed. This coordination of care is essential to your child’s well-being since children who come to this clinic often have complex needs.

voice and swallowing clinic 

Voice and swallowing disorders can occur at any age, and involve a wide variety of symptoms. Our multidisciplinary voice and swallowing clinic provides a team approach to care, bringing together an ear, nose and throat specialist and speech-language pathologist to evaluate and treat these patients in a shared clinic.

The initial evaluation may include:

  • A thorough physical exam
  • Endoscopic testing, which involves using a thin, flexible tube to view the esophagus (sometimes called the “food pipe”)
  • Computerized voice analysis instrumentation (for children who are experiencing voice problems)

The doctor and speech/language pathologist will put together a personalized treatment plan based on their findings. The treatment plan may involve care from the physician and our speech/language pathology colleagues.

voice clinic

Voice clinic is for any child experiencing dysphonia (difficulty voicing) is a candidate for a referral to the voice clinic.  Children can be referred to the voice clinic with a diagnosis of “dysphonia” or “hoarseness.”  A thorough assessment is completed in the voice clinic and can help to determine the reason for the dysphonia. 

Diagnoses include:

  • Vocal cord paralysis or paresis (unilateral or bilateral)
  • Vocal cord nodules
  • Vocal cord edema
  • Vocal cord granulomas
  • Vocal cord polyps
  • Laryngeal edema or laryngitis

Some children with breathing difficulty can also be referred to the voice clinic if there is concern for “paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction” (PVFD), sometimes also referred to as “vocal cord dysfunction” (VCD).  It is important for children to be evaluated by a pulmonologist prior to voice clinic referral if there is concern for PVFD. 

Children with PVFD may experience:

  • Difficulty getting air in or throat tightness during:
    • Exercise/exertion
    • Chemical exposure (chlorine, perfume, bleach, etc.)
    • Weather changes
    • Anxiety-invoking situations
  • Tightness in the throat with sensation that the airway is being “cut off”
  • Inspiratory stridor, especially during exercise
  • Difficulty breathing that does not improve with inhaler use
  • Voice changes or difficulty during an “attack”
  • GERD
  • Asthma

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