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fracture care for kids

Dayton Children's orthopedics patient with cast

When you entrust your child's fracture care to Dayton Children’s, you can expect comprehensive and compassionate care that prioritizes what matters most to you and your family.

At Dayton Children's, our team of pediatric orthopedic specialists are committed to:

  • Providing a seamless and convenient experience
  • Ensuring quick access to specialized care
  • Understanding the importance of getting your child back to being a kid as soon as possible
  • Offering tailored treatment plans that address your child's unique needs
  • Utilizing the latest advancements in pediatric fracture care

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what makes Dayton Children's fracture program different?

We understand that what matters is your child's health and well-being, and we are dedicated to providing above and beyond care for you and your family.

Dayton Children's offers families:

  • Pediatric specialists: The U.S. News & Word Report ranked orthopedics team at Dayton Children's is specially trained to treat children. Kids are not just little adults, so their specialized training, including their expertise and knowledge of growth plates, leads to the best outcomes for their growth and development.
  • Low-dose imaging: Dayton Children's utilizes low-dose imaging for scans and procedures, so that kids are exposed to as little radiation as possible.
  • Waterproof casts: Our waterproof casts allow kids to keep being kids, especially in the summer months. Our waterproof cast liners allow kids to bathe, shower and even swim while wearing a fiberglass cast.
  • Convenient locations for care: With clinics in Troy, Dayton and Springboro, there's a care site that's convenient for you and your family. We work to ensure that all of your follow-up appointments are located in the same place, including any follow-up needed with ortho rehab or sports medicine.

where does Dayton Children's offer fracture care?

Dayton Children's offers fracture care five days a week at the following locations:

  • Main campus in Dayton
  • South campus in Springboro
  • Outpatient care center in Troy

The team also offers an after-hours ortho clinic on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-6pm at the South campus.

what should I bring to my child's fracture appointment?

For your fracture appointment, please bring any X-rays or imaging that your child has had done with a facility outside of Dayton Children's. Be sure to keep your child's fracture splinted or immobilized until their appointment with an orthopedic provider.

when will my child get a cast for their fracture?

While not every fracture will require a cast, if it is recommended that a cast is their best treatment option, we recommend that the injured site is casted within 3-7 days of the injury. Prior to casting, we will stabilize your child's injury with a splint. Waiting a few days to get casted has the best outcomes because it allows swelling to go down and prevents the need for recasting.

If a cast is not recommended, your child may use a brace, boot or splint to treat their fracture.

how long will my child be in a cast?

There's not one formula used to treat fracture patients so the time spent in a cast will differ from patient to patient. Some patients will only require four to six weeks in a cast, while others may need more time, depending on the severity of the break.

is there any follow-up after the cast is removed?

Follow-up after a fracture will vary from  patient to patient. Some patients will have their cast removed and will not need any additional follow-up. Others may need to regain strength with help from specialists with ortho rehab or sports medicine. Ask your provider about the appropriate return to sports or activity protocol for your child.




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