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surgical care, from the common to the complex

Our pediatric otolaryngologists provide comprehensive surgical care. This includes everything from common surgeries, such as ear tube insertions and tonsillectomies, to complex procedures for conditions such as cleft palate and tumors of the head and neck.

The most complex surgeries our specialists perform involve reconstructing the airway. Airway reconstruction is performed to either rebuild or expand segments of the airway, depending on the child’s needs. Doctors may perform an airway reconstruction for conditions including:

  • Stenosis (narrowing) of the larynx (“voice box”) and trachea (“windpipe”)
  • Laryngomalacia, a birth defect in which floppy tissue above the vocal chords falls into the airway as an infant sleeps.
  • Cleft palate, a birth defect in which the roof of the mouth does not fuse properly during fetal development.
  • Choanal atresia, a birth defect in which abnormal bony or soft tissue blocks the nasal passage.
  • Complications of tracheotomies. Doctors perform a tracheostomy to relieve an obstruction to breathing. Complications can occur during or after the procedure that need immediate attention.

Our providers also perform complex surgeries on the ears, including surgeries to reconstruct damaged eardrums and place cochlear implants.

minimally invasive surgeries mean less pain, faster healing

Whenever possible, our physicians pursue non-surgical therapies, which can include medication, steroid therapy and minor office procedures. Sometimes, however, surgery is the best option. Surgical suites at Dayton Children’s are designed specifically with equipment and surgical tools that are sized just right for kids.

Our providers have extensive experience in performing minimally invasive techniques, which can reduce post-operative pain, promote faster healing, reduce the risk of infection and minimize damage to surrounding tissue. These surgeries can involve removing foreign bodies and tumors from the airway, reducing scar tissue, treating small defects and treating vascular anomalies, like birthmarks.

ENT Fast Track program

Dayton Children's ENT Fast Track program for ear tube placement is ideally suited for children who meet the clinical criteria for ear tube placement and for whom any delay in care would add to their suffering.

Utilizing the ENT Fast Track program allows families to eliminate their preoperative visit to the pediatric ENT clinic, without sacrificing communication, education, and evidence-based management protocols. This allows for a more convenient process for families while our clinical team delivers high-quality care. Ask your pediatrician if your child might be a good candidate for Fast Track.

when your child needs hospitalization

Dayton Children’s provides comprehensive care for children who need to be admitted to the hospital for surgery, and/or testing. Depending on the severity of the illness, the child may be admitted to a general pediatric floor or one of the hospital’s critical care units, which are staffed by pediatric specialists.

prepare for surgery

When your child needs surgery, we know it can be a stressful and uncertain time. That's why we have outlined all you need to know. 

Please visit our preparing for surgery page to get helpful tips, learn what to eat and drink, learn where to park and much more. 

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