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the fetal cardiac clinic

Your visit will consist of the performance of a fetal echocardiogram and then a consultation with one of our board-certified pediatric cardiologists.

what is a fetal echocardiogram?

A non-invasive ultrasound study of the heart of a fetus. It is harmless and painless to the patient and fetus.

why a fetal echocardiogram?

Allow for diagnosis of fetal congenital heart conditions, such as structural heart defects and abnormal fetal heart rhythms.

fetal cardiology

fetal echos and newborn care

Learn how Dayton Children's provides comprehensive fetal cardiology care.

preparation before your visit

  • Please complete the intake form and submit online. 

    Online intake form

    • Please arrive with a full bladder, especially if less than 24 weeks pregnant.
    • Please allow 2 hours for your appointment. The scanning of the fetal heart will take 40 minutes to 1 hour and the consultation with one of our pediatric cardiologists will take additional time.

    during your visit

    • The fetal echocardiogram scanning will be performed by an ICAEL-certified sonographer. 
    • Consultations with one of our pediatric cardiologists include:
      • Review of the findings of the echocardiogram.
      • Counseling regarding treatment options.
      • Recommendations for delivery, care of baby after delivery and any medications and/or surgical interventions.

    post visit

    • All recommendations for subsequent care of the the fetus and post-natal care are discussed and coordinated with your obstetrician and/or perinatologist and delivery hospital neonatologist.
    • If necessary, arrangements are made for you to meet the medical/surgical staff that will provide necessary cardiac care for your baby.
    • After your initial echocardiogram visit, you may need to return for follow up fetal echocardiograms.


    contact us schedule an appointment

    For more information about cardiology care at Dayton Children’s, please call 937-641-3418.

    New patients - schedule online by visiting our scheduling page

    You can also schedule by calling us at 937-641-4000.