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direct admission

Physicians with privileges at Dayton Children’s may direct admit their patient to a Dayton Children’s main campus inpatient unit to receive specialized care.  This direct admission process speeds the admission process for patients and enables the patient to receive that care without an emergency department visit and evaluation.  To direct admit a patient, the patient must have been seen by the referring physician within 12 hours if admitted to an inpatient unit and within 24 hours if admitted for observation.  Further, if the patient’s condition requires a more complex work-up or order and/or significant stabilization is required, the patient should be admitted through the emergency department for the safety of the patient.

the direct admission process

  1. PCP sees patient in the office and determines in-hospital management is required and a direct admission may be appropriate.   (The patient’s condition does not require a complex order and the patient does not require significant stabilization.)
  2. Primary care physician calls the communications center at Dayton Children’s at 937 641-4385 to start the direct admission process.  The communications center will ask for the following information:
    • Patient’s name and date of birth
    • Diagnosis
    • The referring physicians direct contact phone number
  3. The communication center connects the primary care physician with the admitting resident.  (If the admitting resident does not answer within a few minutes, the communication center locates the admitting resident and has him/her call back the PCP immediately.)
  4. The PCP and the admitting resident discuss the patient’s condition and determine the appropriate admission-- inpatient, asthma care or observation.  If the admitting resident is concerned about the patient’s condition or the need for more extensive initial work-up, the resident will advise against a direct admit and may consult with the attending inpatient general pediatrician if needed.
  5. The PCP writes initial orders and faxes them to admitting at 937-641-3326.  PCP must use the direct admit order set.   This order set is available here.
  6. The PCP prints and completes the parent instruction form and reviews the special instructions with the parents.

communication with family

For the patient’s safety, the primary care physician needs to advise the family of the following:

  • Arrive at Dayton Children’s main campus within three hours of the office visit or the decision to direct admit.
  • Follow any instructions you provide about eating or drinking before arriving at Dayton Children’s main campus.
  • Bring the child’s list of medications.

Please remind the child’s family to bring their insurance information with them and be sure to reinforce that if they do not arrive within the specified timeframe, the child will need to be evaluated in the emergency department before he can be directly admitted.

central scheduling order forms

Phone: 937-641-4000
Fax referral forms: 937-641-4500, 24 hours
Toll-free fax: 1-866-891-6941
Hours: 7:30 am to 8:00 pm, Monday - Friday


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