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support the search for a cure

Your gift will change a life for a child with brain cancer

The Living Biobank at Dayton Children’s is on a mission to eliminate pediatric brain cancer. That’s a big goal, but our world-class research team is determined to improve the lives of kids right here in the Miami Valley and around the world.

But they can’t do it without your help. Support from our caring community is essential to supplying the Living Biobank with the very best tools and resources, so they can carry on with their important work.

how does your gift make a difference?

  • $10 = 3 cryopreservation vials
  • $20 = amino acid cell culture solution
  • $30 = 200 syringes
  • $50 = nearly 1,000 pipettes
  • $75 = neuro cell preservation solution
  • $100 = a case of lab gloves
  • $200 = case of culture dishes
  • $500 = microbiological incubator
  • $1,500 = Refrigeration unit
  • $5,000 = water purification system

Help us to provide life-changing and life-saving cancer care for kids.

Please give today.

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