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sleep study frequently asked questions

what to expect from the sleep study

The sleep center team at Dayton Children's is made up of pediatric specialists who are specially trained and experienced in caring for the children. Your child is scheduled for a sleep study in the sleep center. Before your appointment, please familiarize yourself with the following information.


Sleep study

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What to expect during a sleep study and how to prepare.


what is a sleep study?

A sleep study is a test that monitors your child while he or she sleeps. During the night, a number of things are recorded. These include breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels, movements and brain waves. This information is used to determine how deep your child is sleeping (depth of sleep). Sleep tests are designed just for your child, depending on his or history and what your doctor recommends.

what should I do to get ready for the sleep study?

Bring completed sleep log sheets and medical questionnaire, if you have not already submitted to the sleep department.

  • The sleep log is important tool to track your child’s sleeping pattern and will give the provider an idea of their sleeping habits.
  • If your child uses a CPAP/Bilevel machine, please bring the child's machine and accessories to the sleep clinic appointment.
  • Let us know if your child is allergic to tape, latex or any medicine.
  •  Your child should follow normal daily activities.
  •  Make sure your child eats dinner before coming to the sleep study.
  •  Avoid foods containing caffeine (chocolate, sugar, certain soft drinks, tea, coffee, etc.) for the entire day of the test.
  • If your child usually eats a snack in the evening before going to bed, you may bring a light snack (as long as it doesn’t contain sugar or caffeine), we also have light snacks to offer your child.
  • Please have your child take a bath and wash and dry their hair before the test.
  • Avoid skin lotions and hair oils so that the monitor leads will stay in place during the test.
  • Try not to let your child nap on the day of the sleep study, unless your doctor tells you to do so.
  • Remove finger nail polish.

what should I bring for my child's sleep study stay?

One parent or caregiver must accompany all minors and must stay overnight with the patient. The technologist team will expect the assistance of a parent/guardian during the night.

  • You will be requested to have your child dress in his/her pajamas (two-piece without feet). Nightgowns and one-piece pajamas sets are not acceptable attire. If you have questions regarding proper sleep wear, please check-in with the lab staff prior to the child's visit.
  • You may bring the child's books, toys, a favorite stuffed animal, special pillow and/or blanket, white noise device, and favorite DVD movies (there is a DVD player in each room), if desired.
  • You should bring your child's medications or special food needed during his/her stay in the clinic, such as milk bottles. The lab does not provide any of these items.
  • You must bring your child's personal toiletries (diapers, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, brush, shampoo, etc.), and a change of clothes for the next day. The lab provides towels and bedding (but no toiletries), and there is a bathroom available for use in the lab.
  • Please leave all valuables at home
  • Limited family members/friends (1-2) are welcome to accompany you until the child's bedtime.
  • If your child uses a CPAP/Bilevel machine, please do not bring the child's machine or accessories unless requested by a sleep physician.

where do I go for the sleep study?

If you're coming to the main hospital, you can park in the parking garage for free. Then, come in the main entrance and go to reception 1A. If you're going to the south campus, park by the left side of the building and enter through the specialty care center. Tell admitting you are here for a sleep study. They will check you in and direct you to the sleep lab.

what should parents or caregivers expect when having their child's sleep studied?

A technologist will greet you and your child in the waiting area of the lab.

  • We will apply electrodes and sensors with opportunity for frequent breaks. Your child may watch television or a favorite DVD brought from home. We also offer a supply of entertainment options.
  • We expect the parents or caregivers to be active participants during the child's hook-up procedure and remain with the child (under age 18) for the duration of the sleep study. We will provide bedding accommodations.
  • We will attempt to adhere to your child's usual bedtime, if possible.
  • Your child will be in a monitored environment, including audio/video recording, during the testing procedure; under the care of skilled technologists.

how can my child sleep with all of these things on them?

Most children sleep well in the lab. They may be uneasy about the hook-up, depending on their age, but our experienced technologists will work to reassure them. Some children experience temporary discomfort associated with sensors attached under the nose, similar to an oxygen cannula. All the monitoring devices are held in place by elastic straps, hypoallergenic tape or skin-safe adhesives. The body sensors allow the child to turn and move during sleep. Having a parent with the child during the sleep test and overnight stay makes them feel comfortable.

What do I do if I have question or need to reschedule or cancel the sleep study?

Call 937-641-5004 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please provide us at least 24 hours notice with rescheduling or cancellation requests.