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diagnosing neurological disorders

extensive testing to diagnose neurological disorders

Dayton Children’s provides comprehensive diagnostic testing for complex disorders of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves. All of these tests are performed by a trained team of pediatric experts. These individuals know how to comfort kids and teens of all ages to allow for a successful diagnostic test.

tests include:

computed tomography (CT)

CT provides detailed images of the brain’s structures and tissues. The pediatric radiologists at Dayton Children’s individualize each CT examination to account for a child’s weight and size, ensuring that the child receives the minimum radiation needed to complete the procedure.

magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

MRI provides three-dimensional images of the brain and brain stem. Dayton Children’s 3T MRI provides the clearest images that can help to find subtle abnormalities that other machines may not detect.

functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

fMRI evaluates brain activity.

electromyography (EMG)

EMG evaluates peripheral nerve activity.

electroencephalogram (EEG) 

EEG evaluates seizure activity.

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The neurosurgery department welcomes phone calls to 937- 641-3461 during our normal business hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

A physician referral is necessary prior to the child’s first outpatient visit. All follow up appointments will be made during your clinic visit or by calling central scheduling at 937-641-4000.