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Ashima Goyal Gurkha, DO

Gurkha emergency department physician


Ashima Goyal Gurkha, DO is a pediatric emergency medicine provider with interests in medical education and prehospital education.

education and training

education: Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

internship: William Beaumont University Hospital

residency:  William Beaumont University Hospital

fellowship: William Beaumont University Hospital

board certified: American Academy of Pediatrics


publications, organizations, awards


  • Trichobezoar: A Case of Swallowed Hair in an Adolescent Patient -Simi Jandu, Ashima Goyal DO, Jatinder Gosal MD,
  • Not Your Ordinary Teenage Girl with Chest Pain Ashima Goyal DO, Nidal El-Wiher MD, Joseph Benjamin MD 
  • Clinical Pediatrics, A Comparison of Prehospital Pediatric Analgesia Use of Ketamine and Opioids John Frawley MD, Ashima Goyal DO, Nai-Wei Chen PhD, Remle Crowe PhD, Robert Swor DO
  • Prehospital Emergency Care, PMID: 36857195, Prehospital use of Ketamine vs Benzodiazepines for Sedation among Pediatric Patients with Behavioral Emergencies Sariely Sandoval MD, Ashima Goyal DO, Nai-Wei Chen PhD, Remle Crowe PhD, Robert Swor DO 
  • Prehospital Emergency Care, PMID: 36629484, Essential Oils Toxicity: Not so Essential (Book Chapter) Ashima Goyal DO, Dhritiman Gurkha MD 
  • Medical Toxicology: What Do I Do Now: Emergency Medicine Series, Prehospital Ketamine Use in Pediatrics Ashima Goyal DO, Revelle Gappy MS4, John Frawley MD, Nai-Wei Chen PhD, Remle Crowe PhD, Robert Swor DO
  • Prehospital Emergency Care, PMID: 35771721, Eculizumab-associated Moraxella lacunata bacteremia and systemic inflammatory response syndrome in a toddler with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome Paige S. Bicoll, D.O., Ashima Goyal, D.O., Neal B. Blatt, M.D., Ph.D., Bishara J. Freij, M.D.,
  • Chronic Testicular Torsion in Healthy Neonate Ashima Goyal DO, Cory Rasmussen MD, Bassel Salman MD
  • Neoreviews Pediatrics, November 2019


1. Distinguished Teaching Award Department of Emergency Medicine at Beaumont Health, 2022-2023.

2. GME Award for Best RL/Adverse Patient Safety Reporting at Beaumont Health 2022.

3.1st place Oral Research Award Beaumont Emergency Medicine Symposium 2022.

4. Faculty Chosen Exceptional Performance in Residency 2017-2020.

5. Resident Chosen Resident Teacher of the Year at Beaumont Children 2019-2020.

6. Gold Humanism Honor Society Award 2019.

7. Certificate of Advanced Training in Medical Education: Residents for Teachers 2018-2019.

8. Resident/Faculty Chosen Intern of the Year at Beaumont Children 2017-2018




get to know me

I chose my specialty because...

I enjoy working in a fast paced environment and the breath of clinical variety.

I like working with kids because...

they make work fun by approaching life with a positive attitude and smile.

Dayton Children's is special because...

of the people and their passion for caring for children.

I chose to work at Dayton Children's because...

of the people that work there.

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