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evidence-based, family-centered care for children with conditions of the ear, nose and throat

Our board-certified pediatric otolaryngologists have extensive training and experience to treat children with even the most complex conditions of the ear, nose and throat. They work closely with other physicians throughout Dayton Children’s, including pulmonologists, sleep specialists, gastroenterologists, pediatric surgeons, speech pathologists, plastic surgeons and audiologists. Communication and care coordination with these providers allows us to meet your child’s needs in a comprehensive way.

In addition to offering the best evidence-based care possible, our team strives to deliver excellent care in a manner that is patient and family centered. This means placing the highest priority of your family’s experiences, concerns and goals. You know your child best, and we value your input. We want you to ask questions, share your concerns and make suggestions about how we can care for your child in the most effective way. Our goal is to provide the best care possible in the most efficient and effective manner, while limiting the amount of time and money families spend to treat their child’s condition.

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