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community health needs assessment

At Dayton Children’s we are on the relentless pursuit of optimal health for all children in our reach. Our 2020 Community Health Needs Assessment provides a snapshot of children’s health in the Greater Dayton Area, as well as our state and nation so we have actionable data to inform that pursuit. 

A healthy community is critical for healthy children to grow and thrive. We know a significant amount of a child’s health is driven by social and behavioral factors including housing, education, access to food, and safe neighborhoods.  These social drivers of health are explored through this assessment to get a better picture of how they impact our children’s and community’s health.

In addition, we have used this report to develop and refine strategies in our 2020 Implementation Strategy Plan that focus on wellness, access to care, health equity and connection to community resources so children in our community can truly thrive. In doing so, we know that healthy children will lead to healthy adults. 

We thank our many community partners who participated in the 2020 Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy Plan process. Partners came from the five counties in our primary service area and represented public health departments, child-serving organizations and social service providers. We also thank the hundreds of parents who took the time to complete the assessment as they are the critical voice for their children.

Formally approved by our Board of Trustees in June 2020, the 2020 Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy Plan comply with Internal Revenue Service requirements and lay the groundwork for investments in our community’s most precious resource – our children. 

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If you have additional questions about the community health needs assessment please contact Jessica Saunders at 937-641-3385 or by email.

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