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The Gala of Hope Foundation donated $198,870 in grant funding to Dayton Children’s Hospital in 2016, providing for the first step in launching the Living Biobank at Dayton Children’s, the region's first tissue bank. The Gala of Hope Foundation presented the funding to the Dayton Children's neurology department with the goal to perpetuate their mission to "change the face of cancer in the Dayton region."

For our initial work we also obtained external funding from the John French Estate, Hartzell Norris Charitable Trust, Neils and Ruth Lundgard Foundation, and the Ohio Space Grant Consortium, along with internal funding from the Boonshoft School of Medicine Medical Student Research Grant program and Wright State University Honors Program Research Scholarship. This funding has so far resulted in two presentations at national meetings, in which we have described differential responses to hypoxia among individual DIPG tumors, and regulation of tumor growth by hypoxia-inducible factors. We obtained additional external funding from the Mayfield Education and Research Foundation (MERF) Spark Grant, supporting a project evaluating the role of repressed tumor suppressor genes in DIPG resistance to epigenetic modifying therapies.

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