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research strategies

a multifaceted approach to scientific discovery

Dayton Children’s participates in many different types of clinical research, including investigator-initiated studies, multicenter studies sponsored by other institutions, studies supported by industry and meta-data analysis of previously published research studies.

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Many of our providers also engage in quality improvement (QI) projects that focus on finding more effective treatment strategies, enhancing quality of life, minimizing side effects, reducing costs or improving the patient experience. These studies, while not strictly research, are an important aspect of our work as an institution. Dayton Children’s provides training and support for physicians, nurses and others who participate in QI projects.

key partnerships

Partnerships with key institutions in the Dayton area further strengthen our research efforts. We are academically affiliated with Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, whose Department of Pediatrics is located at the hospital. This facilitates opportunities for collaboration with scientists across the university.

Another key partnership is with the Wright State University and Premier Health Neuroscience Institute, whose mission is to accelerate neuroscience research in the region and enhance care. As part of this partnership, Dayton Children’s clinicians and researchers formally participate in a broad range of research and educational programs.

Also, as part of its commitment to upholding the highest standards of clinical research, Dayton Children’s has established a protocol review committee and institutional review board.

protocol review committee

Investigators who want to initiate a clinical research study at Dayton Children’s submit a proposal to the protocol review committee. The committee’s job is to determine what institutional resources are needed to ensure success. Committee members include physicians and representatives from nursing, the laboratory and other departments. They consider the availability of resources such as:

  • Nursing staff
  • Clinical coordination
  • Specimen storage capabilities
  • Imaging equipment
  • Diagnostic equipment

Studies must be approved by the protocol review committee prior to institutional board review. The committee meets regularly to expedite the review process.

institutional review board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversees all human subject research at Dayton Children’s. It ensures that federal, state and institutional guidelines are met for the protection and welfare of all research participants.

The board conducts scientific and ethical reviews for research involving human participants at Dayton Children’s. These reviews take place before a study begins, and periodically until the study ends. When a Dayton Children’s investigator participates in a multicenter research study, the Dayton Children’s IRB conducts an initial review, but relies on the sponsoring institution’s IRB to provide ongoing reviews.

The Dayton Children’s IRB also reviews new quality improvement projects to ensure that they meet QI project criteria.

IRB leadership

The Dayton Children’s IRB is chaired by Hemanth Lingadevara, MD, and composed primarily of scientific members as well as non-scientific and community members.

To learn more, please contact:

Beverly Comer
IRB specialist

Fax: 937-641-4437

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