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stay in the game with Sportsmetrics™

There are dozens of "bigger, faster, stronger" sports performance and enhancement programs offered in the Dayton region. Only one in Dayton offers not only sports performance and enhancement but an opportunity for injury prevention. After all, what good is increasing your vertical jump by 4-6 inches if you sprain your ankle or run a 4.6 second 40 yard dash if you tear your ACL? That's why we offer a training program that put emphasis on form as well as strength, agility and speed. 

Sportsmetrics™ is a scientifically proven, six-week training program that incorporates proper stretching, special plyometric exercises and weight training.  It focuses on developing overall leg strength as well as improving balance in strength from the front to the back of the thigh.  Through specialized progression of jump/plyometric drills, athletes learn proper techniques for jumping and landing; increase overall leg strength; improve symmetry in right-to-left leg power and can improve vertical jump.

what is Sportsmetrics™?

Take a behind the scenes look at what Sportsmetrics™ is all about. 

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why is Sportsmetrics™ training so unique?

Sportsmetrics™ is not just another plyometric training program. Training includes technique development and performance enhancement with each session building on the previous round of training. The strength and flexibility components have also been carefully reviewed for safety and effectiveness.  Essential to the success of the athlete is the trainer interaction and feedback throughout the program.  Student to trainer ratios are kept at 6 to 1 or better to ensure that each athlete receives individualized recommendations and attention.

Sportsmetrics™ and ACL injury prevention

Sportsmetrics™ is the first program scientifically proven to decrease knee injuries in athletes, especially females. Neuromuscular training not only increases muscular power and jump height, but also decreases impact forces at the knee helping young athletes avoid non-contact ACL injuries and improve performance. Sportsmetrics™ is the program that focuses on the female athlete’s needs in training, but Sportsmetrics™ is not just for females!  Males will also benefit from developing overall leg strength and perfecting jumping and landing mechanics.

frequently asked questions

  • When can my child start?
    • Anytime. Call today to get started. 937-641-3883
  • What age and gender does my child have to be to do Sportsmetrics™ training?
    • Sportsmetrics™ is a program that works with both male and female athletes, and athletes age 10 to 21 have great success in the program.
  • How does it help with sports injury prevention?
    • The Sportsmetrics™ program employs a number of drills to encourage proper form for jumping and landing during athletic participation. Jumping drills are used to teach the athlete to preposition the entire body safely when accelerating (jumping) or decelerating (landing). The selection and progression of these exercises are designed for neuromuscular retraining proceeding from simple jumping drills (to instill correct form) to multi-directional, single-foot hops and plyometrics with an emphasis on quick turnover (to add sport-like movements).
  • Who is training my child?
    • A team of athletic trainers and physical therapists, under the direction of Dayton Children's orthpaedic and sports medicine physicians.
  • What are training options? Dayton Children's offers a variety of training options:
    • ACL bridge- This program is designed for athletes returning to play after ACL reconstruction
    • Group or team training- This program allows a team or group to work together while learning proven injury prevention techniques. 
  • Where is it offered?
  • How much does it cost and how do I pay?
    • The Sportsmetrics™ program is a self pay program. 12 sessions = $215.00
    • 24 hour cancellation policy- if not notified within 24 hours they will forfeit that session (includes no show)
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For questions about Sportsmetrics™ please call us at 937- 641-3018 during our normal business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or send us an email. 

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