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simulation scenarios and policies

continuing education simulation scenarios 


Patient admitted to Specialty Pediatrics. Three month old admitted previous day for RSV+ bronchiolitis, worsening cough and WOB overnight. Not responding to albuterol and SPO2 88% on 2L NC. Patient will deteriorate to intubation. 

Learning objectives: 

  1. Recognition and management of respiratory distress 
  2. Teamwork and communication 
  3. Airway management 


Patient arriving to the Emergency Department. Six year old brought in for a cold x3 days and found very hot and confused. Patient is in fluid-resistant shock and will respond transiently to fluid boluses. Patient will stabilize once placed on peripheral inotropes. 

Learning objectives: 

  1. Recognition of shock with metabolic acidosis 
  2. Appropriate management of shock 
  3. Adequate fluid resuscitation and administration 

DKA Cerebral Edema 

Patient admitted to the PICU. Two year old with history of vomiting, pallor and floppiness who is tachypneic and tachycardiac. Patient becomes unresponsive and requires intubation and cerebral edema management.  

Learning objectives:

  1. Appropriate fluid management in DKA 
  2. Recognition and treatment of Cerebral Edema 
  3. Understand principles to minimize risk of cerebral edema 


Policy Title: Code of Conduct

Policy Title: Simulation Media Recording and Retention

Policy Title: Simulation Equipment Maintenance and Cleaning

Policy Title: Simulation Room Closure in High Census