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integrated behavioral health

With integrated behavioral health in Dayton Children's Pediatrics, your child receives mental health care in the same office as your pediatrician. This includes:

  • A psychiatrist (medical doctor who specializes in mental health) who helps manage medications for patients with that need
  • Short-term medication management for patients with stress, anxiety or behavioral concerns that impact daily life and emotional health

how the program works

  • Your child’s pediatrician will identify a need for psychiatric services. They will loop the psychiatrist, Dr. Nelson, into your child’s care team.
  • Dr. Nelson will meet with your child to address concerns, emotional wellbeing and any medications.
  • These sessions are short-term. The goal is to have your child back with their pediatrician as soon as possible.
  • Dr. Nelson works closely with the nurse navigator, Alex. Alex supports the team with nursing skills and care navigation unique to each patient.
  • Dr. Nelson and Alex also work closely with your child’s medical team to coordinate their care.

how this is different than other mental health services

  • These services are simply another part of your child’s overall health care services. This is not a separate specialty psychiatry service.
  •  Dr. Nelson and Alex can make recommendations and provide referrals to traditional mental health services if needed.

how billing works

  • Fees for these integrated behavioral health services will be billed to your insurance company.
  • There may be co-pays associated with visits. If you have specific questions about this, please contact a Dayton Children’s billing specialist at 937-641-3555.    


contact us hours

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Same day appointments are available for established patients who are sick or have an urgent health concern.

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