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soaring towards anxiety reduction (STAR) program 

Undergoing an MRI can sometimes be something that can make kids anxious. To help kids that are anxious about their MRI, or simply worried that they will have a hard time staying still, sometimes sedation (being put to sleep) is required. At Dayton Children’s we try and avoid using sedation as having sedation always comes with risks. To help our patients complete their MRI without the need for sedation, our medical imaging and child life departments collaborated to create the STAR program, soaring towards anxiety reduction. The STAR program gives patients the option to try their MRI scan without the use of sedation, when possible, to help reduce the risks of having sedation. This program is geared to patients that are developmentally 4 years of age and older.

how it works: 

When your child’s doctor refers your child for an MRI with sedation our medical imaging staff will then review the information in your child’s chart to assess if they would be a candidate for the STAR program. If your child is a candidate then our scheduling team will call you to schedule your child for a non-sedated MRI appointment and a sedated MRI appointment. After the appointments are scheduled one of our medical imaging child life specialist will be contacting you to provide you with more information about this program. Child life specialist are members of our healthcare team that help to prepare patients for what they can expect to have happen when they come to the hospital in ways that are developmentally appropriate for your child. When the child life specialist contacts you to talk to you about the program they will obtain your email address so that they can provide you with information to share with your child about what they can expect to have happen during their MRI. The child life specialist will be present the day of your child’s non-sedated MRI appointment to review this information with your child and answer any questions that they may have. They will make sure your child is prepared to try their MRI without sedation and will be present with your child when they are placed into position for their MRI and when they begin their MRI.

“The preparation session and child life support was amazing for my son. The staff went above and beyond to make my son feel extra comfortable during his MRI that he did without sedation. I was very happy with how well the child life specialist explained and demonstrated everything to him.” 

If your child successfully completes the non-sedated MRI, the sedation appointment will be canceled. If your child was unable to complete the non-sedation MRI, you will not be charged, and your child will need to move forward with the scheduled sedation appointment.  


  • Saves time! An MRI with sedation can take up to 2 to 2 ½ hours. With the STAR program, a non-sedated MRI only takes about an hour.  
  • Reduces risks related to anesthesia and side effects (nausea/vomiting, fatigue, irritability/fussiness, blood pressure instability, respiratory issues) 
  • Happier patients. Patients and families are exceptionally pleased with the process and outcome 
  • Quicker access. Your child’s non-sedated MRI appointment will be before their sedated MRI appointment which means their MRI will be done sooner if they can complete it without sedation.
  • Watch a movie. When doing an MRI without sedation your child will get to use our special MRI movie goggles to watch a movie during their MRI.
  • Stay with your child. If you would like to stay with your child, you will fill out a screening form that the MRI staff will review to make sure that you meet the criteria to go with your child to their MRI.

It is normal for kids to be anxious about something that they have not done before, especially when it involves coming to the hospital. We have found that when kids are provided information ahead of time of what will happen, we answer any questions they have, review the information to assess their understanding and provide them with reassurance every step of the way that most of our patients are able to complete their MRI without the need for sedation.

Before and during your child’s MRI every member of the medical imaging care team will work together to provide an exceptional experience tailored to fit your child’s needs which will help them to complete their MRI without the need for sedation.



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