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community nurse liaison program

Our nurse liaison program services can range from a one-time pediatric education, up to a very comprehensive partnership, with an embedded onsite liaison who manages your pediatric care on a continuing basis.

nurse liaison services

Partnerships are customized to be flexible and affordable, providing a consistent pediatric presence to meet your organization’s needs and equipping your team to provide top notch pediatric care in your community.

Services include:

  • Onsite embedded nurse liaisons; level of support determined by partner
  • Hands on learning for your staff through Partners in Practice
  • Clinical support
    • Inpatient pediatric service support, optimizing the patient/family experience
      • Pediatric polices, standards of care, clinical practice guidelines, order sets
      • Pediatric performance improvement and audit process/tools
      • Pediatric data for community health assessment plans
    •  24/7 pediatric pharmacy consultation support
      • Includes access to consultation with pediatric pharmacist as well as the Dayton Children’s formulary
    • Support for ancillary services
    • Recommendations for pediatric supplies and equipment
    • Expert assistance in developing evidence based pediatric policies and standards of care
    • Development of pediatric specific performance improvement and developing pediatric audit processes
    • Pediatric environment of care and safety recommendations
  • Tools and materials 
    • Access to pediatric materials and experts for clinical service support including;
    • Distraction kit instruction
  • Education
    • Pediatric courses
    • Competencies, skills training and mock codes
    • Emergency response
    • Pediatric resource guides/tools for staff including
    • Opportunity to have Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course provided on site
  • Co-Branding
    • Opportunity to collaborate on pediatric health and safety community outreach initiatives and co-brand events
    • Joint marketing effort

If you would like to hear more about how a partnership can benefit your organization, Contact Deb Jacobs, RN, MSN, CNP  

If you have been instructed to complete a “partners in practice” packet, please review the documents listed and return the documents to be completed.   We will be working with you and your supervisor to set up this experience.  

  • Partners in Practice application packet
    • Information to read by participant
      • Dress code policy
      • Code of conduct
      • Confidentiality
      • Safety packet
    • Packet to be completed and returned can be securely faxed to (937-641-6114)
      • Checklist
      • Profile
      • Health and Liability
      • Compliance and Confidentiality statement
      • Disclosure of convictions
      • Safety test
      • Proof or CPR
      • Current Driver License  or state ID

*Courses available through the Nurse Liaisons

  • Basic Care of the Pediatric Patient
  • Basic Care of the Pediatric Patient in the ED
  • The Mechanisms and Science of Pediatric Decline
  • Pediatric Refresher for the adult care giver
  • The Pediatric Surgery Patient

*Competency skill stations

  • Nursing
    • Suctioning
    • Pediatric PIV
    • Pediatric Medication Administration
    • Pediatric Assessment/ Monitoring
    • Pediatric pain assessment  
  • Assistive staff/ new nurses
    • Vital Signs
    • Weights/ Measures
    • Distraction
    • Positions of comfort

*Emergency Response

refer consult

Dayton Children's is available to assist referring providers and their patients with an array of services.

refer a patient

To consult with a pediatric specialist, contact the communication center: 937-641-4385 Monday-Friday | 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

physician connection

broken bone care right in your backyard

When Elyn had multiple fractures she relied on the U.S. News and World report ranked orthopedics division at Dayton Children's for comprehensive and compassionate care.

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