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pioneers in tumor research 

As one result of our relentless pursuit of optimal health for every child within our reach, Dayton Children’s has established the region’s only Living Biobank for pediatric cancer research.

The Biobank is a partnership with the Dayton community, our patients, and scientific collaborators worldwide with whom we are working together to research pediatric brain tumors, using advanced imaging to understand what is going on inside of the tumors.

We may think of tumors as just blobs of tissue, but they are actually our bodies’ own cells turned into renegades, bent on destruction. Just like our healthy cells, they have their own metabolism. They need energy to grow and they also give off energy.

learn about Dayton Children's tissue biobank and the collaboration with the Children's Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium.

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our purpose

Nearly 4,700 brain tumors are diagnosed in children under the age of 19 each year. In fact, pediatric brain tumors have recently surpassed leukemia as the leading cause of cancer-related death in children.

While significant advances in treatment have been incorporated into childhood cancer care, improving survival rates in diseases such as relapsed leukemia and neuroblastoma, relatively few advances have been made in the treatment of pediatric brain tumors. As a result, central nervous system tumors have taken over from leukemia as the most common cause of cancer-related mortality in children.

Most high-grade pediatric brain tumors continue to have a long term survival rate well below 50%. Clearly, more research and novel treatment agents are required to improve the overall outcome for children with brain tumors.

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We are honored to enlist the talents of many diverse individuals in our mission to improve the lives of children with brain tumors.

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specific aims

The specific aims of our research over the next three years will test overarching hypotheses.

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