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our partners

In a world with more rigorous healthcare demands, rapid advances in medical technology, and higher expectations from families, continuing to provide world-class care requires a world-class facility, top-of-the-line services, and the newest technology. Many generous individuals and organizations have joined with us to make all this possible for our patients and their families. We thank and recognize the following partners:

The Connor Group

For more than 25 years, The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners has been dedicated to making a significant, long-term impact on the lives of kids in our region. The mission has inspired their commitment to help Dayton Children’s provide the highest level of pediatric care for generations to come and we are honored to partner with them.

When Dayton Children’s launched a historic building project in 2014, The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners recognized the importance of having a world-class space for physicians to care for children well into the future and made a $1 million commitment in 2016 to the project.  Through this commitment they inspired others in the Dayton community to participate by issuing a challenge that they would match every gift pledged to the Patient Tower campaign up to $1 million.  The “Connor Challenge” resulted in $2.8 million in support and helped launch the campaign past the finish line. Dayton Children’s is proud to recognize their generosity and leadership in the Connor-Dole Family Lounge in the Mills Family Cancer & Blood Disorder Center. This space allows families to gather outside of patient rooms to celebrate birthdays, holidays and connect with other cancer and blood disorder families and is an important part of creating a healing environment.

In 2020, The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners recognized that mental health is the number one health concern facing our youth and has again partnered with Dayton Children’s to open The Connor Child Health Pavilion, a first-of-its-kind medical center that addresses the mental health of children with a robust system of care that increases access to vital mental health services and prevention programs for our children. Through a $5 million investment, one of the largest philanthropic commitments to Dayton Children’s, The Connor Child Health Pavilion is the first program in the country that fully integrates mental health and community-based services into the primary care setting to address the both the clinical and nonclinical factors that impact a child’s health. Building this pediatric mental health care center of excellence will transform the delivery of pediatric mental health care to help our most vulnerable children live as healthy as possible today and into the future.

The Connor Child Health Pavilion

Through The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners’ investment and partnership, we are reinventing the path to optimal health for our children.

Learn more about the Connor Group Challenge.

Berry Family Foundation

Dayton Children’s Hospital is thrilled to have received generous support from the Berry Family throughout the years. The family has enabled us to transform care for our region’s children.

In 2014, Dayton Children’s embarked on a historic project with a historic campaign to construct an eight-story, 260,000 square foot facility in the center of our main campus. The patient tower was designed to accommodate the latest research findings for pediatric cancer care, the infrastructure for delivering state-of-the-art care for critically ill newborns, improved patient rooms, increased access to services, and an increase in patient beds from 155-170. The strategic investment in Dayton Children’s campus was a significant opportunity to improve the health of our region’s children and keep families close to home when our children need medical treatment. With a gift of $1.2 million in 2015, the Berry Family became a lead donor to the project.

The patient tower is transforming care for children by supporting better outcomes, increasing continuity of care, supporting life-saving care, and providing children an optimal healing environment. This includes a newborn intensive care unit with single-family rooms to reduce infection and increase privacy, the Mills Family Cancer & Blood Disorder Center designed to provide inpatient and outpatient care in one location, and updated life-saving care spaces for the Wallace Critical Care Center. The tower also includes many child- and family-friendly enhancements to help reduce stress and improve healing. These include indoor/outdoor play spaces and family lounges on each unit. Also relocated to the tower is the Specialty Pediatrics Units containing a child-friendly healing environment for kids recovering from complex surgeries and other treatments and home to the Berry Family Lounge, named in recognition of the family’s generous donation.

Through the Berry Family’s support of the project, we have created a beautiful 8-story building with a bright, open appearance that says “welcome,” a “things that fly” theme throughout the new tower that honors our region, single-family rooms throughout the new units, an efficient layout to enhance continuity of care, more room to accommodate the latest life-saving critical care technology, spaces for play and family time, and attention to patient safety and privacy.