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how do I apply to volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering please review our requirements and then fill out our online application.

once I submit my application how long will it take to hear from someone?

While we do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible, please allow up to two weeks to hear from us before calling to inquire about your application.

what happens after I apply?

The volunteer resources department operates on an application-interview process. Personal interviews are scheduled after applications have been received. If selected, the prospective volunteer is scheduled for volunteer orientation. Please note that it can take up to eight weeks from the time we receive your application until your first day of volunteering.

I’d like to come volunteer next week, what do I need to do?

All volunteers must go through the application, orientation and interview process. Therefore we are unable to accept new volunteers for last minute requests.

my college student wants to volunteer. how can I sign them up?

All college students must submit the online application and contact us with questions themselves. We will not accept an application or phone call on behalf of someone else. Please have them submit the application online and have them contact us themselves if they have specific questions.

my son/daughter wants to volunteer. How old do they have to be?

Throughout the year you must be 18 and have completed high school to volunteer at Dayton Children’s. During the summer we offer our volunteer program for high school students age 16-18. Applications for the volunteen program will come out on February 1 of each year. If there are additional questions we ask that the student contact us directly rather than having a parent call.

do you offer job shadowing or observation opportunities?

Most areas of the hospital do not offer shadowing opportunities. However we do offer a nurse shadowing program. This program allows junior and senior high school students to sign up to shadow an inpatient nurse for one 8 hr. shift. For more information on this program please contact us at 937-641-3333.

I want to rock babies in the NICU. How can I sign up to do that?

Rocking babies in our NICU is our most popular requested volunteer positions. Due to the large demand for this position this is not always available. If you are interested in volunteering in another area in the hospital we can get you started there.

my church/school/work group wants to volunteer. What kinds of things can we do and how do we sign up?

Group volunteers are extremely helpful in helping us keep both the inside and the outside of the hospital beautiful. For more information on signing up your group please visit our group volunteers page.

when is volunteer orientation?

Volunteer orientation is usually scheduled for a Tuesday morning. Once you complete your application and interview the volunteer resources team will give you the schedule for orientation.

I have just a few weeks off for Christmas/summer break. can I come volunteer then?

We are unable to accept short term volunteer requests. All volunteers must go through the application, orientation and interview process and also commit to either 100 hours or one year of volunteering. Therefore we are unable to accept short term volunteer requests.

when do you begin accepting applications for your volunteer program?

Volunteer applications are accepted the first week of February. Please check the volunteen page for more information.

contact us apply

The volunteer resources department is open M-F from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. They can be reached by phone at 937-641-3333 or by email.

email us

Anyone interested in volunteering at Dayton Children’s must submit an application online. We look forward to reviewing your application and will be in touch shortly after it is received.

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