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day of appointment

You’ve gone through our pre-appointment checklist and now it’s the day of your appointment. How do you prepare your child and what do you need to remember today?

confirm the location

Our physicians see patients in various locations. Please confirm the location and know how long it will take you to there. See locations to obtain door-to-door directions. For help with directions, call 937-641-3000.

arrive early

Give yourself enough time to park and check in before your child's appointment time. Usually the clinic or department where your child has an appointment will let you know how early you need to arrive. This arrival time is very important so that there is enough time to treat all the children with appointments.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, the clinic may have to push your appointment sometime during or at the end of clinic, whenever the patient flow allows. The patient also will have the option of rescheduling instead.

what to bring

  • Insurance card
  • Patient’s social security number
  • Completed forms – For more information visit our pre-appointment checklist.
  • List of medications – Please include the dosage or bring the bottle(s) with you.
  • X-rays or other test results - If your child's doctor did not send the test results ahead of time, please bring them to your appointment.
  • Comfort items - Please bring a few items from home that might make your child feel more comfortable such as a favorite toy or book. A snack and even a change of clothes may be helpful if you will be at the hospital for a long time.
contact us locations

To speak to someone with questions about your visit please call us at 937-641-3000.

Our physicians see patients in various locations. View our full list of locations and addresses to confirm the place of your visit.


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