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Kambiz Kamian, MD, FRCSC, FAANS, Division Chief


pediatrics and adult neuro-oncology, general pediatric neurosurgery, complex peripheral nerve surgery, skull base surgery, gamma knife surgery, endoscopic surgery for hydrocephalus and intracranial cyst, epilepsy surgery, complex congenital spine disease


Kambiz Kamian, MD, FRCSC, FAANS, came to Dayton Children’s hospital from Cleveland Clinic. He completed neurosurgery residency at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. After his pediatric neurosurgery fellowship at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, he worked as adult and Pediatrics neurosurgeon at Cleveland clinic for 5 years. A desire to serve children exclusively motivated Dr. Kamian to join Dayton Children’s in 2015. He is one of only 25 pediatric neurosurgeons in the United States to perform surgery for children with peripheral nerve damage. Other areas of interest include minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures, vagal nerve stimulation, and surgical procedures for children with brain tumors and epilepsy.

education and training

  • medical school: Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran
  • residency: Neurosurgery - McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
  • fellowship: Pediatric neurosurgery - Hospital for Sick Children (Sickkids Hospital), University of Toronto, Canada
  • board certification: Neurosurgery board certified - Royal College of Physician and Surgeon of Canada

publications and presentations


  • Intraneural nodular fasciitis of the radial nerve with rapidly progressive motor symptoms.

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  • Establishing a surgical skills laboratory and dissection curriculum for neurosurgical residency training.

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  • Lumbar disc herniations 'to operate or not' patient selection and timing of surgery.

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          Korean J Spine.  2014 Dec;11(4):255-7. doi: 10.14245/kjs.2014.11.4.255. Epub 2014 Dec 31.


  • Compressive Cervicothoracic Adhesive Arachnoiditis following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Case Report and Literature Review.

          Rahmathulla G, Kamian K.

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  • MRI-guided laser interstitial thermal therapy in neuro-oncology: a review of its current clinical applications.

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  • Hurthle cell carcinoma presenting as a single choroid plexus metastasis.

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  • Use of high-field intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging to enhance the extent of resection of enhancing and nonenhancing gliomas.

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  • Occipital condyle fracture with associated hypoglossal nerve injury.

          Chugh S, Kamian K, Depreitere B, Schwartz ML.

          Can J Neurol Sci. 2006 Aug;33(3):322-4. No abstract available. 


  • Pediatrics Peripheral nerve Trauma, Chapter in Pediatrics Neurosurgery Handbook , Jallo and Recinos , John Hopkins , Under press 2014 
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  • Kamian K. Optic neuritis and steroid therapy cons and Pros, Journal of Iranian academy of medical sciences, vol ; 1992: 110-113 
  • Kamian K. Lipoprotein metabolism in Marasmic children of northern Mauritania. Am J Clin Nutr. 1993 Oct;58(4):484-8 
  • Kamian K.  SIADH evaluation and diagnostic dilemma in renal failure patients, Journal of Iranian academy of medical science; vol 4: 230-235 
  • Kamian K. Unusual case of SAH, Journal of Iranian academy of medical sciences, 1996; vol 8: 34-37 

awards, honors and organizations

Teacher of the year ; was selected by residents at Cleveland Clinic June 2012 

get to know me

I chose my specialty because...

neurosurgery, and especially pediatric neurosurgery, is one the most helpful specialties in the medical world.

I chose to work at Dayton Children's because...

it is a great opportunity to help kids in this region with the cutting edge technology that Dayton Children’s offers for pediatric neurosurgery.

Dayton Children's is special because...

every single member of the staff at Dayton Children’s is focused on the children in this area who need help.

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I do feel like they are treating my son and what's going on with him seriously. I did not appreciate the doctor making a comment about his sunburn. He just got back from a camping trip and I was not there. I do understand sunscreen is important but I didn't need a lecture and for him to tell me my son already Skin damage. We were there regarding his leg and back pain not for a dermatology appointment. Kind of felt like the line was crossed. This is Dr. number two we have seen in this department due to rude comments made to me and my child. I understand it probably comes from a place of compassion. But there are some things that are better left unsaid.

star star star star star

It was a great visit. We wish the doctor could be our primary, but unfortunately, he's a neurosurgeon. So very impressed with everyone.

star star star star star

Very intelligent surgeon. Explained in detail that we could understand. Respectful of our concerns and questions. Overall great doctor and nurses!

star star star star star

When we came in for our neurosurgery appointment the focus of our appointment was results from a previous head ultrasound and what the results meant for our child's care moving forward. Our child has a complicated health history after being born at 27 weeks and having a complicated NICU stay for almost 4 months. Part of this stay included repeat head ultrasounds and a brain MRI to determine how damage was resolving from a very traumatic birth. At our appointment Dr. Kamain had no idea of our child's health history. I recounted everything from pregnancy-current day (almost a year worth of information). He had no idea our child was born early or had any previous brain trauma. In addiction, our child sees many health specialists, and I had to give updates on every single one. All of this information is easily accessed in our child's chart. It's absolutely rude and ridiculous that Dr. Kamain didn't even glance at his chart and health history before coming in to evaluate him. I am an invested and well informed parent and I know my child's health history. If I didn't, Dr. Kamain wouldn't have known. He would've been completing his exam and making recommendations for future care without pertinent information. My knowledge of my child's health history and current care should not impact what a neurosurgeon is doing and recommending for my child. I would understand if he didn't know the entirety of my child's health history and asked clarifying questions about pulmonology or endocrinology. However, his history with brain ultrasounds, an MRI, IVH, and PVL are pertinent and incredibly important information that Dr. Kamain should've known about before he walked in the room. Dr. Kamain's lack of any knowledge of my child's health history was frustrating and did not instill confidence in me as a parent entrusting my child's care to him. Our child is currently experiencing a problem with a lot of unknowns. It is stressful and we aren't sure of what the future will hold for him. Dr. Kamain added to our stress that day by giving us no confidence in his decision making.

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conditions I treat

Brachial plexus damage, Cerebral cysts, Cerebral palsy, Chiari malformations, Craniofacial malformations, Craniosynostosis, Disc pathology, Epilepsy, Hydrocephalus, Infections, Neural tube defects, Neuro-endocrine problems, Neuro-trauma cases (concussion), Peripheral nerve damage, Positional plagiocephaly, Pseudotumor Cerebri, Skull base surgery, Spina bifida /myelomeningocele, Tethered spinal cord, Traumatic injuries, Tuberous sclerosis, Tumors of the brain, Tumors of the spinal cord, Vascular disorders

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