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comfort ability program

The Comfort Ability Program (CAP) at Dayton Children’s is a fun, interactive, evidence-based workshop to help adolescents and their parents learn essential skills and strategies needed to manage chronic pain well. CAP is designed for families dealing with all kinds of chronic pain problems such as persistent headache or migraine, abdominal pain, nerve pain, joint pain, disease related pain, post-surgical pain, or any other kind of persistent pain.

The Comfort Ability Program (CAP) is for kids and teens (ages 10-17) with chronic pain or recurrent pain, and their parents. The program is run by pediatric pain specialist Erin Webster, PhD.

Kids and teens will:

  • Learn mind-body skills to manage pain and stress
  • Connect with peers who also have pain
  • Develop personal plan for comfort and function

Parents and caregivers will:

  • Learn proven strategies for parenting a child with pain
  • Create a plan for improved function at home and school
  • Learn new tools to help increase comfort for their child

The program requires a one-time commitment for six hours (the adolescent group and caregiver group are separate but during the same timeframe). If you would prefer a virtual program option, please let us know. If you think your child could benefit from the Comfort Ability Program, talk to their provider. Dayton Children’s has a pain psychology pathway that begins with the Comfort Ability Program and moves onto higher levels of care if needed. 

If you have questions about the program or would like to register, please email or call: or 937-641-3401.