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the pediatric difference

What is so special about the emergency department at Dayton Children’s? Everything is designed with kids and their parents in mind, from our facility and equipment to the skilled physicians, nurses and other providers who care for children of all ages ‘round the clock.

the right equipment

When seconds count, quick access to the right-sized equipment is important. Patient rooms are stocked with all the different sizes of equipment needed to provide care for our patients, from the smallest infant to the largest teenager. This means that tests and procedures can be performed quickly and safely, with minimum stress on our patients.

the right space

Medical emergencies can be stressful for children of all ages — and their families. That is why we designed our emergency department with special touches to reduce stress and anxiety, such as private rooms, televisions in each room and brightly painted walls.

the right people

Our emergency medicine team knows how to talk to kids, connect with kids and, most importantly, provide them with the medical care needed in an emergency. What’s more, we have child life specialists and social workers in the emergency department whose job is to simply help patients and their families cope with the emotions and stress that can sometimes accompany medical emergencies.

Our entire team has the training, experience and expertise to:

  • Provide developmentally appropriate care for each child, from the tiniest babies to teens, including those with special needs
  • Perform tests and treatments gently and safely
  • Use proven strategies to help children who are fussy, uncooperative or can’t remain still during tests
  • Assess each patient’s pain level, and provide pain relief

Beyond the walls of our emergency departments is an entire hospital of pediatric specialists who are available 24/7 to support our emergency medicine team. That includes the radiology technicians who perform scans on kids day in and day out, the physicians in more than 50 pediatric subspecialties who are on call 24/7 to provide emergency consults, and the pharmacists who deliver prescription medication directly to patient rooms before children are discharged from the hospital.

contact us follow up

If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911, go to the nearest emergency department or call your child’s primary care doctor.

Was your child seen in a Dayton Children’s emergency department or urgent care center in the last 72 hours? If so, please call our outreach nurse directly with any questions or concerns: 937-641-3893.