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6/20/19blog post

conquering a cough

If you’ve been listening to your little one cough for the last few weeks, you are not alone! Coughs can happen any time of the year and are very common, especially in little ones. 

Coughs keep fluid or other objects out of our lungs. Lots of things can bring on a cough, from illness to dry air. Coughs may sound awful but normally aren’t serious.

when to call the doctor: 

  • Difficulty breating - breathing harder or faster, wheezing
  • Cough lasting longer than one month
  • Vomiting or not drinking fluids
  • Anytime you are concerned - follow your gut, it won't lie to you. 

Here are six steps you can try to sooth that cough in your kiddo:

six steps to soothe a cough in kids


facts about coughs