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name: Myles

age: 2 years old

condition: asthma

seen in: pulmonary

providers: Gary Mueller, MD

Sniffles, coughs and other respiratory illnesses are not uncommon when you have a young child. For this reason, Kate Hillard was not overly concerned when her son, Myles, started experiencing symptoms of croup. Kate made an appointment with Myles’ pediatrician where he was treated with oral corticosteroid and his croup-like symptoms seemed to improve.

Not even one month later, Kate took Myles back to the pediatrician with the same symptoms as before. His pediatrician determined that Myles was experiencing symptoms related to allergies and started him on allergy medication and another dose of oral corticosteroid.

The allergy and steroid treatment seemed promising, but Myles ended up being treated for croup-like symptoms 13 times over a 15-month span.

Summer and fall were challenging for Myles. He spent most of his time inside because anytime he tried to play outside, it would trigger his symptoms.

looking for answers

Not willing to accept the fact that Myles would never be able to enjoy the great outdoors, Kate asked their pediatrician for a referral to a pulmonary specialist.

Myles was referred to Dr. Gary Mueller, pediatric pulmonologist at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mueller diagnosed Myles with asthma and started him on a daily preventative/maintenance protocol.

finding joy outside

Since being diagnosed and treated for asthma, Myles is back to being a typical two-year-old boy, playing outside every chance he gets. According to Kate, Myles is thriving, and he has been such a trooper about taking his medications.

He has had fewer breakthrough illnesses that have caused some severe asthma attacks, but Dr. Mueller made himself easily accessible by phone to help do everything possible to keep Myles out of the hospital.

Kate is hopeful that Myles will grow out of this stage of his disease in the future, but she knows he is in great hands with Dr. Mueller and the rest of the pulmonary team at Dayton Children’s.

trust your gut

“As a parent, it’s important to trust your gut and advocate for your child,” said Kate. “If you feel like they would benefit from a referral to a specialist, don’t hesitate to ask for one.”

If you believe your child would benefit from seeing a pulmonary specialist, schedule an appointment online.