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8/12/14blog post

this week's must watch video

This powerful video from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has been making its way around on social media. Please take a moment and watch this powerful video. It moved me.

As you think about your kids today, ask yourself… Does it really matter…

  • If our children don’t eat breakfast?
  • If our kids eat donuts and pop tarts on a regular basis for breakfast?
  • If our snacks don’t fall into a food group?
  • If our drinks contain sugar?
  • If we are content with being picky about fruits and vegetables?
  • If we don’t expose our children to new foods?
  • If our meal comes out of a box? Or from a drive through window? Or if it was super-sized?
  • If we eat in front of the TV? On the run? In the car? Or skip meals entirely?
  • If we don’t make our bodies physically move?
  • If we make poor lifestyle choices?
  • That our children see how we treat our own bodies – good or bad?
  • If we are teaching our children about the latest food and/or fitness craze? And, not understanding if there is real nutrition and/or scientific evidence based research to back up the craze?

1 out of 3 adults are obese. 17% of our children (aged 2-19) are obese. How did this happen? Do we really need to be mindful of how we are living our lives? Do we break the cycle? How do we balance healthy living in our society? I welcome your thoughts to any of the above questions!