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5/16/22 blog post

make cooking fun with kids

making memories and teaching lifelong lessons

Make mealtime fun for all and a family bonding experience by involving your kids! When you invite your children to help prepare food for the family even just a couple of times a week, it is beneficial for these reasons:

  1. Tests and builds their math skills including counting, measurements, fractions and more.
  2. Improves their reading and comprehension skills, especially when using a step-by-step recipe.
  3. Build confidence and self-esteem as they learn a new skill and feel a sense of accomplishment from making a meal.
  4. Provides an opportunity for quality family time.
  5. Gives a hands-on approach to teaching family traditions, recipes, and important parts of the family's culture.

how to involve your kids in cooking

Depending on the ages of your children they can help in many ways!

  • Wipe down the countertops before and after prep work .
  • Read the recipe steps along the way.
  • Measure out ingredients. 
  • Stir, cut, and blend ingredients as needed.
  • Use counting skills to count while you prepare.
  • Discuss the science changes as you change the ingredients, like blending them or stirring them together.
  • Use your senses to see the ingredients before and after you mix them:
    • Smell the ingredients - Does it smell the same when you mix them together? Does the smell change when you heat the ingredients?
    • Taste the ingredients - Is the taste what you expect after you smell the ingredient or look at the ingredient?
    • Feel the textures of the ingredients - How are they the same? How are they different?
    • Listen to the sounds as you heat or mix the ingredients - Do they sound the same or different? 

As they are learning new skills and around various kitchen appliances, keep close attention to what they are doing and communicate with them to keep them safe.